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Most Iconic Moments of the Real House Wives

Scary Island, RHONY:

No moment of any reality television series will ever match up to the fascinating, yet disturbing breakdown of Kelly Killoren Bensimon. First off, she kills the vibe on a cell phone, per Ramona’s words, and an hour later starts yelling, “Al Sharpton!” and offers everyone jelly beans to calm down. I don’t know what is actually funnier: Kelly completely losing it or the other women’s iconic reactions. Bethenny Frankel screaming, “GO TO SLEEP, YOU’RE CRAZY!” will always and forever be a clapback staple.


Table Flip, RHONJ:

There are those moments where pop culture is changed forever, like when Janet Jackson had a nip slip at the Super Bowl or when Tyra Banks screamed, “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!” on America’s Next Top Model. The table flip heard ‘round the world is one of those moments. Teresa Giudice is DONE with Danielle Staub when she tells her to “pay attention, puh-lease.” So, she does the normal, rational thing any grown woman would do: flip a restaurant table in public. This might have branded the Real Housewives as “trashy” but we’re here for it because we love an icon.


The Dinner Party from Hell, RHOBH:

Two words: Alison. Dubois. Camille Grammer was holding a lavish dinner party for the ladies with literal soup-bowl cocktails and a special guest: her friend who was a medium/e-cig enthusiast. Dubois ended up giving ~ominous~ yet shady premonitions to the women, saying to Kyle Richards, “he will never emotionally fulfill you, know that.” After this episode, this LEGEND was never to be heard from again. Alison Dubois, wherever you are, keep on puffing away.


Alex McCord in Morocco, RHONY:

How could we forget this UNDERRATED entrance by Alex McCord and her Eddie Munster shoes? Luann and Kelly are enjoying an authentic henna session when… CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP. Alex is stomping down the villa stairs, out of breath like she’s having a heart attack, and heaves, “I NEED TO TALK TO YOU.” In the middle of a henna session? Classless. Learn some class from the countess herself, Alex.  


Naked Wasted, RHOC:

Putting Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge together with a new girl is literally like putting two cats with a mouse. They scheme up a ~devious~ plan to get Gretchen Rossi “naked wasted.” Ten shots of tequila later, Gretchen ends up going four octaves deep, yelling TAM-RAH and MMMHH! However, karma struck back Tamra when Gretchen ended up in the bathroom with Tamra’s 23-year-old son. That’s what you get for stirring the pot (or the drink).


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