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Makeup – A poem that dives beyond the surface of powdered eye shadow

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Mascara leaking out her eyes

Like gothic party streamers.

Powdered eye shadow 

Spread a mess like ashes

Across her war worn skin.

Her lipstick wrinkles

Like crepes, crumbling

Under oath. 

She swore to herself

That she would hold

Onto hope.

That left a clumpy rosy residue.

She has a clay face,

You can mold it 


You can even sculpt

A bright smile

With cute little dimples.

Growing up isn’t simple.

Broken brittle nails

That snap like clattering

Poker chips.

You can make her up

Of marble, stone,

Anything at your


Because a woman

Like her is disposable.

Get your makeup kit

And make up to the world

Get your makeup kit

Pat the colors, blend the swirl

Straighten up your posture

You’re lost, girl.

Heaven is a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing at SUNY Oswego. She has previously contributed to The Great Lake Review and self-published poetry chapbooks last year. She plans to continue writing poems, but wants to expand and write articles, short stories, movie scripts and personal essays. Besides writing, she loves archery, reading and listening to music.
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