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He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not

The question of the hour 

I can’t seem to find the answer, GOD! 

Why won't he answer? 

3 hours turned into 3 days

3 days turned into 3 weeks

Why can’t you see, you’re the only person in between our hearts meeting so freely? 

Here I am wearing my heart on my sleeve 

It’s as though Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart 

An indescribable feeling that paralyzes my body every time we meet 

I hate when we’re apart

BUT, it has been a few weeks 

Why do I choose to oversee the red flags that have been screaming at me? 

Since the very beginning

Why don’t you allow our hearts to collide in the fresh, serene meadows? 

An accurate representation of what our love can be

If only you can see 

It’s me! 

BUT, It has been a few weeks 

This time, I chose me. 

No more being caught up on the what ifs and what it could be 

It’s time to see things for what they really are 

You’re not the one for me 

And now…

You’ve left a scar on my tender heart

But this is just a start, for me to fill the cup of my eternal beauty within me 

Thank you, for opening up my eyes 

And allowing me to see clearly. 


Hi everyone! I'm Kiara Montero, a second semester junior, double majoring in Broadcasting and Mass Communication and Human Development with a minor in Sports Studies. I'm hoping to excel in my writing while also making connections with those in my campus community.
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