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uncertain of the reflection that gazes back at her through the mirror 

those eyes no longer look like a pool of honey

more like a pond full of sorrows 

you will see 

she feels uneasy as the traces of her fingers meet the glass 

wondering if they will ever meet again

or will she continue to be haunted by her past? 

you will see 

an ongoing search for someone she no longer knows 

the frustration that fuels her body 

it sends her screaming hoping she will find that somebody

she never envisioned this being a part of her path 

unleashing the wrath that has paralyzed her 

the grief, the abandonment, the betrayal, the fear 

you will see 

freedom awaits her outside these hollow walls

releasing the firm grip she has on her past self 

she slowly lets go of that mask and nothing can hold her back 

you will see

a spark ignites in her eyes 

as she forgives and embraces her past self 

the heaviness in her chest is slowly lifted

she glances over to the mirror and is met with a reflection staring back at her

yet, this time it’s someone she recognizes for the first time in a long time

she is free 


Hi everyone! I'm Kiara Montero, a second semester junior, double majoring in Broadcasting and Mass Communication and Human Development with a minor in Sports Studies. I'm hoping to excel in my writing while also making connections with those in my campus community.