Little Things About Home That College Made Me Appreciate More

Although I knew it was time to leave long before I was actually able to pack my bags and hit the road, I can’t deny that my hometown is a perfect place to come home to.  Being away at college has made me realize that it truly is the greatest place to go to recharge, and I have found myself feeling thankful for home for reasons I never thought about before.  Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious home-things I have a newfound appreciation for:



The food here at Oswego is surprisingly really good.  I have only been disappointed by a few meals since I’ve been here, which is truly impressive considering what I’ve heard from my friends about their schools’ dining halls.  However, I have to trek for my food here. I have to go outside and walk in the vicious wind just to grab a bagel. I sure miss when I was able to shout to my dad from the couch to ask him for a grilled cheese and he would serve it up almost immediately.  Sometimes he would even surprise me with a side of fries, too!


Good Shower Pressure

Only one - maybe two, on a good day - out of the four showers on my wing have good enough pressure for me to properly wash my hair.  I feel like I spend hours trying to rinse out my conditioner and even then I’m not totally sure the job has been done.


Party Music

There’s just something about going to a party where you and all your friends know every song that’s playing.  It makes sense that this isn’t the case at college parties because you’re meeting so many new people and we often acquire our tastes from our surroundings.  I just never thought this would be something I would like about home.


This is an obvious one, but I genuinely appreciate my family so much more now.  They have always been my number one priority and my favorite people, but being away has made me appreciate them even more.  This is silly, but I’m not gonna lie, I first noticed this when I went home the week after my birthday to celebrate with them and did not even think once about presents until they were being handed to me.  I was so excited to just get home and spend quality time with my family that it didn’t even occur to me that I might be getting gifts.


People Are Actually Happy to See You Do Well

Of course, before graduation, every teacher and coach told me and my classmates that they were excited to see where the future takes us, but it wasn’t until I went home for the first time that I realized they meant it.  When I saw everyone after months of being away at school, they were full of questions and beaming with joy when they heard how happy I was. It was so comforting and satisfying to see the genuine pride and happiness on their faces.  It’s always nice to have a group of people in your corner rooting for your success.


Having Space to Breathe

Having a roommate has not thrown me off in the slightest, but what has been driving me nuts is my lack of space.  I am not a messy person but my dorm room looks cluttered and messy 90% of the time. I feel like a single notebook on my desk or one empty water bottle on my nightstand makes my room feel 100 times smaller.  My exhausting schedule sometimes leads me to neglect to re-organize everything I’ve touched throughout the day, and then my room turns into a landfill, which is not the best study space. So basically, I’m stuck in an endless cycle of organizing, and I just miss when I could leave a half-finished book on the coffee table and my pajamas on my bedroom floor without feeling like a hoarder.