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We all go through tough times. That’s just life. Trust me, in the moment, it feels like those feelings may never cease; that this may last forever. But deep down, we know that we will get through it. We know that there are better times ahead; that there lies a light at the end of the tunnel.

During those moments, sometimes all we need is reassuring physical touch, words of affirmation, and a hope for a better tomorrow. So when you feel as if the weight of the world rests upon your shoulders, or you just need a little inspiration, here are some phrases to help you through.

You can do hard things.

To get to where you are right now, you have endured so much. You have persevered and you have become stronger because of it. You did it. You faced a fear. You stepped outside your comfort zone. You tried something new. You did a hard thing, and I am proud of you. 

Rejection is redirection.

As human beings, we constantly reach for the stars. We know our worth, and we strive for greatness. However, we are oftentimes met with a closed door, greeted with frustration and defeat. You may ask yourself, “How could this happen to me?” It happened to you because it was meant to. You are not destined for whatever may lay behind the door, but for something else, something greater, and something more. 

Without the worst moments, the best ones would not be the best.

Remember that time where you laughed so hard your stomach hurt? And the other time you just felt so at peace, but you couldn’t explain why. Those moments are there. They always will be. They don’t go away just because you are struggling. These are the moments that make life worth living, the big and the small. But without those awful, unpleasant trials you endure, the happiest of times would not seem quite as special.  

Change is good.

It is everywhere. You are constantly changing. You are constantly evolving and growing into your best self. It can be scary to look towards the future, to the unknown. Remember, though, that there is beauty in change. The caterpillar never knew she would turn into a butterfly, and look at her now. 

Trying your best is enough.

That’s right. Your best is enough. You are enough. Even though your best looks different every day, it is important to acknowledge what you have accomplished and to never compare yourself to others. This is what best looks like for you and no one else. 

Some days, it’s just harder. That’s ok. But you are strong. You are resilient. You are beautiful. You will get through it. You got this, girl. 

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Quinn Pens

Oswego '25

Hello, I'm Quinn! I am a Junior at SUNY Oswego, studying Communications and Creative Writing. I love reading, Disney, traveling, baking and being happy :).