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How to Party for Halloween Without Actually Partying

If you are like me, you don’t enjoy going to parties full of sweaty drunk people, especially during the pandemic. Of course, if you are under age as well, you should not be partying like crazy either. But let me give you a couple of things you can do to celebrate Halloween, especially while in a college dorm.

Decorating is a great place to start. Buy some orange or purple lights, get some fake spiderwebs, or even make your own decorations. Craft out some pumpkins, draw on the whiteboard, really anything! Any type of decorations, classic orange and black, witchy/pagan aesthetic, creepy/horror movie, anything! When I decorated, it brought back memories from when I would decorate outside my house with my dad, hooking up giant Halloween inflatables, and it’s nice to share that same energy with my roommate.

Despite decorating, movies are the best part about this holiday. Disney Channel classics like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Twitches. Or, be like me who loves horror movies, and watch all the sequels to Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th. But, overall, my favorite horror movie is Trick r’ Treat. The film takes place on Halloween day, but follows different stories. However, they all come together at the end and you see the cute little creature named Sam who I just want to hold. But, you just need a good, scaryish movie, or a Halloweenish movie, and you will be chilling. 

Lastly, what is needed for watching a movie: snacks and drinks. Specifically apple cider doughnuts, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and apple cider! The possibilities are endless! These snacks can just be like the popcorn you get at the theaters. Heck, if you like some kettle corn, buy the seasoning container of that, pour some into your bag, and get some kettle corn, which arguably can arguably be a fall snack. Don’t forget your pumpkin spice latte either. 

All these “ingredients” will help you have a wonderful Halloween, without all the sweating from strangers. If you are friends with your roommate, this will be a perfect night to just relax, watch a movie, and eat some food. Happy Halloween everybody, and if you are Pagan/Wiccan, happy Samhain!

Erin is a Cinema and Screen studies major and a creative writing minor. She loves Disney and Horror movies, and her favorite director is Taika Watiti. Despite film and writing, she also loves art, baking, and musical theater. She is a July Cancer and her favorite holiday is Halloween.
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