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How to Survive Your Finals

It’s about a week and half before graduation and arguably one of the most stressful times of the semester for college students. You guessed it: it’s almost finals week! For some students, the idea of a week full of tests and assignments makes them cringe, and for others it’s seen as a time to seriously get engrossed in your studies to make the best of your semester. Some students cope with finals well and some not so well. Here is a guide that can help you prepare for finals and get through it with minimal stress.

1. Talk to your professors about the projects or tests that you have during finals week ahead of time. This way, you can ensure you know exactly what to expect on a test and/or exactly what to do for your project.

2. Make study guides! It helps you organize course material and topics so you aren’t overwhelmed when looking at the amount of topics you have to study.

3. Try to keep a healthy sleep pattern. This way you aren’t drowsy during your exams or while you are trying to study.

4. Don’t forget to eat! Eating is a way to nourish your body and keep it energized. Being energized will help you remain focused.

5. Do not try to cram the entire semester into your study sessions! Cramming is a sure way to fail. Not only are you not really learning the material, you run the risk of information overload and blanking out when you actually have to take the exam.

6. Stay away from too much caffeine! Yes, energy is very important but too much caffeine can cause a major crash which is not only unhealthy, but it also gives you less time to study!

7. Sacrifice things that aren’t going to contribute to the success of your studies for the week in order to ensure you’re able to put your best foot forward. Sure you may want to go out for Mug Night but what’s more important, your school work or a hangover?

8. Write down due dates of all assignments. This way, you don’t forget about minor assignments as well as your midterm projects and exams.

9. Take study breaks! You don’t want to stress yourself out and have a mental breakdown from too much memorization.

10. Take care of yourself! Your health is much more important than any grade for any class. You’re worth more than a test score.

My name is Alesha Barrett and I'm a junior at SUNY Oswego. I am a Journalism Major and a Sociology and History double minor. My journalism concentration is sports and entertainment as you will see in many of the articles that I post. My dream job would be to work with Turner Sports Broadcasting Company in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I always had a passion for writing and NBA basketball so I wanted to combine the two into my career goal.
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