How to Ace Your Internship

Colleges are always pushing their students to get internships, especially in their field of study. As a senior, I’ve had two different internships; one at a small town library (my dream job), and another at a newspaper near my college. While I am no expert, I feel like I have a pretty decent grasp on what you can do to rock your internship.

Be Open to Anything

If your boss asks you to do something, say yes. If you aren’t 100% confident that you know what to do, learn how! Bosses like an intern who is not only confident in their abilities, but can take on tasks when asked. It shows that you have initiative; you can complete tasks given to you, and that you’re open to learning how.

Observe Those Around You

It’s likely that you are either the only intern or one in a small group of interns. The people you’re working with have been in that field/at that job longer than you. Learn from them. Ask them questions about their jobs, or how they’re doing something. If you want to go into this line of work someday, you should be learning what a typical day is for someone who works there. That way, you’ll have a decent idea of what to expect after graduation.

Dress to Impress

Find out your dress code early, and adhere to it. You don’t want to be dressed improperly, and get reprimanded or even sent home because of it. Going back to tip number two, observe what other people are wearing around the office. Don’t be afraid to ask at the end of your interview, or even when you get hired. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Make Connections (AKA, Networking)

An internship can possibly lead you to your future job. Don’t burn your bridges; network with your coworkers. One of your coworkers might know someone in your industry looking for fresh college graduates, and they might remember you from the time you interned with them, and boom; you’ve got a job interview. Or, if you get lucky, the place you interned at might offer you a job once you graduate!

Remind Yourself that You Rock

It’s ok to doubt yourself and your abilities sometimes - we all do it. But you got accepted for a reason, right? Don’t doubt your capability. Your boss obviously saw potential in you, or they wouldn’t have hired you. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you can do it, and get it!

Reflect on Your Choices

An internship is a perfect way to test the waters in something you’re hoping to make your future career. Classes can only prepare you so much. Sometimes, being an intern can help you realize that the job you’ve been working towards just isn’t for you. You don’t really know until you have that hands-on experience. That’s ok. There is no shame in switching your major or career aspirations until you find the one that’s right for you.