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Here Are All of the 2020 Presidential Candidates (So Far)

With an increasingly nerve-wracking political climate, an overwhelming amount of public officials from across the nation have announced their presidential runs this year. There are a whopping 21 candidates so far, 19 of them being Democrats and two of them Republicans. Here are all of the politicians planning to run for president in 2020:


Cory Booker, Democrat

  • Senator from New Jersey

  • Former mayor of Newark, New Jersey

  • Policies include criminal justice reform


Julian Castro, Democrat

  • Former housing secretary

  • Former mayor of San Antonio, Texas

  • Policies include universal healthcare and immigration reform


Andrew Yang, Democrat

  • Former tech executive

  • Policies include establishing a basic universal income for all citizens


Pete Buttigieg, Democrat

  • Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

  • Military veteran

  • Policies include working on climate change and fair economic opportunity


John Delaney, Democrat

  • Former congressman from Maryland

  • Policies include universal healthcare


Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat

  • Congresswoman from Hawaii

  • National Guard veteran

  • Policies include opposition to American military intervention in foreign countries


Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat

  • Senator from New York

  • Former congresswoman

  • Policies include gender equality


John Hickenlooper, Democrat

  • Former governor of Colorado

  • Former mayor of Denver

  • Policies include gun control and fighting for gay rights


Kamala Harris, Democrat

  • Senator from California

  • Former attorney general of California

  • Former San Francisco district attorney

  • Policies include tax cut legislation


Jay Inslee, Democrat

  • Former congressman

  • Governor of Washington

  • Policies prioritize environmental changes and creating renewable energy jobs


Seth Moulton, Democrat

  • Congressman from Massachusetts

  • Policies include altering approaches to foreign policy and national security due to his experience in the military


Amy Klobuchar, Democrat

  • Senator from Minnesota

  • Former attorney

  • Policies include prioritizing the opioid crisis


Wayne Messam, Democrat

  • Mayor of Miramar, Florida

  • Policies include working towards fixing student debt


Beto O’Rourke, Democrat

  • Former congressman from Texas

  • 2018 Senate candidate

  • Policies include the legalization of marijuana and immigration reform


Tim Ryan, Democrat

  • Congressman from Ohio

  • Policies include union rights and workforce development


Bernie Sanders, Democrat

  • Senator from Vermont

  • Former congressman

  • Policies include free college tuition and universal healthcare


Elizabeth Warren, Democrat

  • Senator from Massachusetts

  • Policies include working towards income equality


Eric Swalwell, Democrat

  • Congressman from California

  • Policies include gun control and increased funding for medical research


Marianne Williamson, Democrat

  • Self-help author

  • Policies include funding for reparations for slavery


Donald Trump, Republican

  • U.S. President

  • Policies include restricting immigration, building a wall at the Mexican border, and canceling important international deals on trade


William Weld, Republican

  • Former governor of Massachusetts

  • Policies include legalization of marijuana and free trade reform

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