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Graduation Lessons

December Graduation is approaching. In a few days, some of us will be pushed out into the “real world,” where we are no longer protected by the happy college bubble. For many of us, this will be an extremely exciting time, when we realize that we have our whole lives ahead of us to do great things without the burden of classes and homework and meetings with professors. However, it’s also scary. Scary as all hell.

So here are a few little things I’ve picked up this semester, my last in Oswego, that might help other graduates.

1) It’s okay to be scared. We all are. Some are better at hiding it, and some will try to convince you that they aren’t scared at all by the prospect of leaving somewhere that has been our home for the last four years or so. Don’t believe it. We are all scared sh*tless about starting over and having to get big girl jobs.

2) Don’t leave things on a bad note. I’ve realized that now that my time at Oswego is over, there are certain people I will never have to see again. It’s time to put aside past regrets and grudges. They’ll only bring you down, so let it go. Let it all go and embrace the reality that you get to truly start over and decide who you keep in touch with. The people that matter will make an effort to stay friends, so long as you return the favor.

3) Get excited! Yes, you are scared. Yes, graduation is stressful. But enjoy your last few days in Oswego. Who knows when you’ll be back here, so just try not to let worry get to you. Go out to eat with your friends – splurge a little. Treat yourself. This is a happy time for you – you made it through college – so enjoy every moment of it!

Kaitlin Provost graduated from SUNY Oswego, majoring in journalism with a learning agreement in photography. She grew up in five different towns all over the Northeast, eventually settling and graduating from high school in Hudson, Massachusetts. Kait now lives in the blustery town of Oswego, New York, where she can frequently be found running around like a madwoman, avoiding snow drifts taller than her head (which, incidentally, is not very tall). She has worked for her campus newspaper, The Oswegonian, as the Assistant News Editor, and is also the President of the Oswego chapter of Ed2010, a national organization which helps students break into the magazine industry. She hopes to one day work for National Geographic and travel the world.
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