Get Out and Vote!

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about spooky season, I’m talking about midterms elections!!!

Oh, I see you’re not that excited about it like I am. Awkward. Well, let’s see if I can change that. As you should know, the midterm election for the United States will be on Nov. 6. This race focuses on congressional leaders who are represented by districts within a state as well as state governors. Despite popular misconception, midterm elections are just as important as the presidential election. The president needs to have the power of Congress in order to make laws happen. Plus, Congress is a better representation of what US citizens are like. Wouldn’t you want our government to resemble the future of America?

In many studies, it is proven that young people under 30 are the least politically engaged and have the lowest voter turnout in comparison to other age groups. What’s so ironic about this statement is that college campuses are often seen as hotbeds of political engagement, with controversial speakers routinely kicking up loud protests[1]. This is usually the perfect time for a student to understand what it feels like to be an active participant in civic engagement. However, those words are not always turned into action. Voting is the most powerful form of political participation in the country. Political participation is valuable because it shows the contribution of citizens in the political process. Voters can express their thoughts on what should be done on a political issue. Now that you know how much power you have, doesn’t that inspire you? We have the ability to create change in our country with a single ballot.

I’ve got to have your attention now, right? No, well, I’m sure social media does. Platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook have made it incredibly simple for people to perform the voting process thanks to a few simple clicks. Even our favorite celebrities are talking about voting registration!!

Oh, so you don’t have social media and can’t do this? Ha, well I’ve got news for you. SUNY Oswego has a nonpartisan grassroot campaign called Vote Oswego to help students like you! They have all the forms and will even mail them out for you, too! Vote Oswego has a website that can show you which district you’re apart of as well as information about each candidate. No more not knowing who to vote for; Vote Oswego is doing all the hard work for you!​

Ah, I definitely have you sold now. You have no excuse not to go out and vote this election! Remember, the last day to be registered to vote in New York is on Oct. 12! The cool thing about registering now is that you don’t have to get re-registered everytime an election is happening! It’s a gift that keeps on giving. The time is ticking and you’ve got to get yourself registered!​