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This past year I have been trying to make my wardrobe fun and funky without having to start dressing up. As someone who prioritizes comfort and enjoys wearing jeans, I focused on finding pants (mostly jeans) that were a statement on their own. I highly recommend it.


What I have acquired:

  1. Cropped high rise black jeans-- these are some of my favorites because they are very high rise and very cropped. They can be worn with basically any shirt or shoes due to their color. While they are of interest and more than your stereotypical black jeans, they don’t draw attention away from any other statement pieces you pick, such as some really awesome shoes or a loud shirt. I got these from Urban Outfitters.


2. The kneeless pair -- I don’t really have an explanation for these other than they were ten dollars and they seemed really unique. They fit really well on my waist and are just quirky enough to jazz up your typical jeans and a t-shirt look. It’s true, they are really weird and there isn’t a reason for them to be the way they are, but I love the looks they get. This pair is from Pretty Little Thing.


3. Cropped and seamed -- this light wash pair is cropped, has a seam down the middle, and has a cute little slit at the bottom. Honestly, they are stunning. Nothing about them is the plain pair of jeans other than the fact that they are made from jean fabric. They are easy to pair with anything and are fun to wear with tall, colorful socks that can be seen through the little slit. These are from Forever 21.


4. Mismatched crop -- Once again, I purchased a pair of cropped pants. These caught my attention due to the different shades sewn on to the bottom of the pants in a rather haphazard way. One of the legs is actually just a piece of denim sewed on inside out. They are basic enough to be worn with almost anything but also very casual. I bought these at Forever 21.


5. Embroidered art -- I wear these at least once a week because they make me feel like a little kid again. They are perfect for plain shirts as they are covered in a ton of fun art, not only all over the butt (as shown) but also across the front pockets with a cute planet and some other doodles. It’s just a pair that makes me happy to look at. No one could be upset while wearing these. Plus, they are comfy as hell given that they are mom jeans. These are also from Forever 21 ($8!).


6. Elastic flare -- I love these for two reasons. One is that they are incredibly stretchy so I don’t have to worry about the somewhat unforgiving nature of denim. The second, is that they are patterned, flared, and high rise (which is technically three in one). Everything about them makes me happy. It’s like wearing sweatpants while still serving looks. I got these at Urban Outfitters.

Victoria graduated from SUNY Oswego with a double major in Economics and Creative Writing and a minor in Statistics. When not writing, she loves reading, hiking, and watching the weirdest movies she can find. Victoria also adores dogs and banana bread with chocolate chips.
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