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Since the new year has approached us, now is the perfect time to clean out your closet, donate items you no longer need or wear, and refresh your wardrobe. Check out below to get a better feel for fashion fads that will continue to be popular this year. 

  1. Baggy jeans all the way! This loose style has been taking favor over skinny jeans within the past couple of years following the major modern mom-jean movement. The oversized jeans pair perfectly with various styles of tops, from cropped tops to graphic tees. Baggy jeans can be worn several different ways for many different occasions.
  1.  Flared pants will be a phenomenal fit! As stated before, skinny jeans are simply out of style, and although straight jeans may be in, wider legs on jeans and pants have been more favorable within the past year or so.  Whether jeans or khakis, wide-leg pants go with any pair of bootie shoes so perfectly. Finish the look with a loose top or blazer and you are ready for any event, from a night out of town to an early morning meeting. 
  1. Bright and bold colors are here to stay! Vibrant and even neon colors have been trending for a while now and aren’t going anywhere. More recently, primary colors including red and yellow have been incredibly popular. These ultra-bright colors can help bring any outfit to life. So forget about tan, neutral, or classic cream colors, as this year is all about these beautifully bright pieces!
  2. Like it or love it, Y2K is making a comeback. This style replicates the late 90’s to early 2000’s fashion. These trends include but are not limited to teeny tiny bags, everything bedazzled (and hot pink), wide-legged bottoms, denim on denim, and velvet tracksuits. This fashion is one that I am most excited about because it brings back nostalgic memories and looks from when I was much younger. I love the minimal look of Y2K and can’t wait to create my own fresh spin on this throwback trend.
Carolyn is a senior at SUNY Oswego studying Public Relations and English. She is the Marketing & PR Director of Her Campus, as well as a peer educator for the counseling center. Outside of Her Campus, Carolyn enjoys watching movies with her friends, baking, and online shopping.
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