Drunk in Heels

*We do not condone underage drinking! If you’re planning on drinking please be safe and responsible. These stories are for entertainment purposes and tips to avoid these struggles only.

My worst going out experience was the day I decided to get drunk at my friend’s cotillion. She wanted to have a fancy night where she could look good and have her friends look good with her. We were all dressed in white dresses and had a date to walk us down the stairs as we presented her with a rose and a candle for her to blow out.

Clearly, she also blew out my sense at that moment because soon after that I started drinking and not stopping. I had taken my friend with me, who I kind of had a crush on but I didn’t want to admit it and I did not want him to know either. As you can tell, I wasn’t off to a good start.

It was an open bar and he had already started drinking before he came to the event. When he sat down next to me, he started drinking even more and encouraged me to drink with him. As I sat with my friend, downing drink after drink, I saw my girlfriends watching me, trying to get me to drink water and eat. I could feel myself getting drunk, but I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to stop feeling comfortable around him. We were both acting pretty flirty and it was going great.

Or so I thought.

My crush whispered, “I’ll kiss you if you drink this,” in my ear. What did I do? I downed a whole glass of whiskey and chased it with wine. I don’t even remember when he left but after he left, I realized I wanted to throw up.

I had 5-inch heels on that weren’t mine and I was in a setting I wasn’t familiar with.

I blanked out.

I woke up in the bathroom, unable to stand as I tried to hold on to something.

I blanked out.

Someone was taking my shoes off. Someone was saying something about a lost buckle.

I blanked out.

I was trying to walk in between two friends. I was so confused as to what was happening. I think I was walking but I wasn’t sure.

I was in my friend’s bed. My mom was on the phone and my friends were freaking out.

Long story short, my parents had to pick me up and they were disappointed in me which made me feel awful. It was my first time disappointing them in that way. I was the butt of the joke in my friend’s household for 3 weeks. I stopped talking to my crush after that night because I realized that he was not good for me or my mental health.

After that night, I have never drunk as much as I did that night. Now, if I decide to get blacked out, I make sure that I have someone I trust around me. I also make sure not to drink around someone I have a crush on. To me, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Especially if they don’t know that you like them.

I also managed to ruin my friend’s shoes because I somehow managed to lose my buckle. I felt awful and I didn’t touch alcohol for a whole year after that.

But I’m in college now and that’s a whole different story.