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My dream for

Myself, is that I

Never dust myself

Off and put myself

Away on a shelf. I

Hope that wherever 

I am, in the future

I’m happy, and continuing 

To live like nobody’s

watching. But the fear, 

that I’m near the end

Of my time here, too

Soon. Because each 

June when I hear happy

Birthday I don’t know 

What to say. Because, 

It seems everything that

Makes me happy, is 

Usually gone one day.

I can’t stay, in my happy

Place forever, but maybe

When I’m older my happy

Place will be better. I dream

For myself, that maybe I’ll

Move far away, but never 

Truly leave where I came from.

I dream for myself, that I’ll stay

Up with the sun, and out with 

The moon. I dream for myself,

That I don’t get done with my

Best years too soon. I dream 

For myself, that people love

Me forever the way they do

Now. I dream for myself,

I never fall too short of 

Someone to be around.

I dream for myself to 

One day, have a home

That holds the sound

Of people of all ages

And relationship to me

Around it. I dream that

Everything that hurt once is

Faded away, and eventually 

I’ll see the true meaning of

A brand new day. I dream 

For myself, I’ll be able to

Sleep at night. I dream for

Myself, that I’ll continue to

Write when I can’t sleep

At night. I dream for myself

I’ll never let the unhappier

Version of me take my place

And cause us anymore mistakes.

I dream for myself, that I don’t

Ever have too much on my 

Plate. I dream for myself,

That when I wake up I

Won’t need to dry my tears

Before I leave, because I’ll

Have nothing to cry about.

Because to me, that’s the

Dream that life is all about.

Even though it might 

Sound, so overdone and 

Said before I still hope that

My life continues to open

Doors, and afford me the 

opportunity to be everything 

I dream of myself to one day

Be and even more.

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Kayla Hill

Oswego '25

My name is Kayla, I joined HerCampus, to explore my potential as a writer. I'm passionate for writing poetry, but have done other forms of creative writing in the past. When I'm not writing, I dual major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, with a Photography Minor. When I graduate, I plan to follow my dreams wherever they take me!