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Damien Galindo

Full name: Damien Galindo

Age: 21

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Major: Marketing

Relationship status: In a relationship 

So you are a transfer student, right? When did you transfer here?

I transferred here in the Spring of 2015.

Where did you transfer from? 

I transferred here from Dutchess Community College

How are you adjusting so far? 

I am still adjusting believe it or not.  I am definitely not used to the cold yet. *laughs*

Why did you choose Oswego?

I chose Oswego because I took a tour here and fell in love with the campus. It’s a perfect size.  Not too small, not too big. Also, I heard Oswego has a great business program.

What do you like the most?

A few things I like so far are going to the Hockey games, meeting new people and attending social gatherings. 

What’s the hardest thing you had to go through as a transfer so far? 

The hardest thing I had to go through as a transfer was adjusting to the workload. I took a semester off before transferring so not only did I have to get back into school mode, I had to get used to the amount of work given compared to the work given at my prior two year institution. 

Any advice for other transfer students?

Advice for a transferring student is to go out and meet people as soon as you can. Meeting people makes the transition easier. 


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