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When you wake up and realize I am not perfect. Imperfect because some of the men I love the most, don’t have the prettiest hearts. 

Something so weird that I can admit is wrong, yet my heart falls every time. Imperfect is like opposites attract. 

You find good in the bad because of the suspense it brings. 

You enjoy the taste of mystery. 

Mystery is your self sabotage exploring the different versions of you. 

Life with this mystery is being on the edge seat; you never know what’s happening next. 

You play around with the suspense until that suspense opens doors that could’ve stayed closed. 

Attracting men like my father, I was always warned to stay away from those. 

Yet my daddy issues allow me to still love you.

The undergrad, known as Jay, is a theatre major at SUNY Oswego, where she is now enrolled. Cooking, dancing, writing poetry, traveling, and shooting photographs are just a few of her favorite pastimes. Her career aspiration is to work as a play therapist, but she also wants to be an advocate for the development of emotional intelligence in children.
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