Cringey Halloween Costumes



The worst Halloween costume I ever did was Hannah Montana when I was 8 years old. I was really indecisive about what costume I wanted to do so by the time I picked Hannah all the wigs were sold out. As a brunette, I felt the wig was essential. So I picked a random blonde wig that looked awful! This wig was so gross that no one even knew who I was. Safe to say I picked out my costumes far in advance the years after. 



The funniest thing I ever dressed up as was a recycling bin. I think I was in 4th grade and I know I was obsessed with recycling and being green.  My grandma lovingly handcrafted this beautiful costume, as she did with most of my costumes growing up <3. A homemade honorable mention is when I was a cupcake.  Unfortunately, those photos have vanished, but it was great and large and fluffy.


I would have to say my worst costume was a Geisha girl. For some reason as a little girl, I thought they were badass. Now that I am older, and know what they are, I realize I was so wrong. The wig was horrible, plus I had brown and pink sneakers. Even though my Mom tried to do makeup, she wasn’t the best at it. 


I never really had a “cringey” Halloween costume as a kid. However, one year, I went as Barbie’s Swan Lake Princess. I was obsessed with the movie and it was one of the only “cute” costumes I did cause after that I always insisted on something scary. My Aunt Patti, who is an artist and knows how to sew, came with us trick-or-treating and she sewed an identical adult version of my costume for herself. Unfortunately, she didn’t do some of the seams properly, and as she was walking, she tripped on the gown and it began to literally unravel on the sidewalk. My parents were walking behind us and I kept trying to pull her along but the whole dress was falling apart and she was almost in only her underwear and some bits of fabric on the street. My dad behind her called her “Stripper Barbie”. She managed to get the costume back together for at least 15 more minutes before we went home. Needless to say, it is both cringey and hilarious to this day.



While I wore many costumes that were embarrassing solely because I was forced to match my younger sister, the weirdest was one that wasn’t technically for Halloween but I still had to wear it in front of people so I’m counting it. Back in first grade we did this play (musical? I can’t remember if they forced us to sing or not but I think they did) called Seven Little Seeds. This was meant to encourage us to eat our vegetables and grow our own too by letting us interact with vegetables and explaining the importance of various options. Given this, seven of us had to be vegetables. Looking back at the photos, I could not tell you what most people were supposed to be, except maybe the carrot. As for me, I was a cauliflower. A cauliflower. It’s been about fifteen years and I’m never going to top that. As for the majority of the class who managed to escape the vegetable costumes, you’re loss.



In sixth grade, I decided it would be a great idea to be Kesha for Halloween. I pulled out an old black T-shirt (one that was too small for me I should mention) and covered it in glitter with the words Kesha on the front. Then, I decided to take a pair of my black leggings and cut slit all the way up the leg. I didn’t have a pair of shoes to wear, so I borrowed a pair from my aunt, which were brown. I know now that black and brown is a no no. I then proceded to draw a lightening bolt under my eye and put on really awful black eyeliner under my eyes. During the whole night I also wore a peace sign sweatshirt over my shirt because I was uncomfortable. It was rough, needless to say. Everyone gets a good laugh out of it now though.