Creep -- A Poem

Hair raises on my arms

Butterflies arrive in my stomach

Toes curl up

Knee starts bouncing


I glance out the window

There he is again


My Creep

What does he look like?

I wish I knew

I’ve only seen his shadow


It could be anyone I know

Or someone I don’t know

Could be a serial killer

Or just your average frat boy


No one will listen to me

Not my friends

Not my family

Not even the police


As I stare at the shadow

I wonder when he will come

Come to kill me

Come to take me away

Come to visit


I see a white flash

Yet another creepy photo

Who knows what he took a photo of

I sure do not want to know


All I want is to know

Who he is

What he wants

And for him to leave

And to never come back


I look out the window

He is gone

But not for long

For he is my 


And he will not leave

Until he gets what he wants