Coraline: Book Club Review


I loved this book!  I followed along while I listened to the audiobook read by the author and the experience was 10/10! I’ve always been scared to read or watch Coraline because I thought it would be too spooky for me, so I’m glad I was finally forced to read it. I knew very little about the plot so I had a lot of fun getting submerged into the world. The writing in this book is so beautiful and pleasant to read. The imagery is simple but has such a honed theme and I just love the mood each word sets.  Overall, it is such a quick, sweet read that kept me sucked in and made me feel cozy.  I especially loved when she got the strength to close the door from the encouragement coming from behind her. Ugh! So precious! I am currently writing a lesson plan focused on this book because I think it is an example of excellent writing and has lovely themes such as appreciating what you have and being brave, strong, and resilient.  The author described Coraline as “a story that children experienced as an adventure, but which gave adults nightmares” and I think that perfectly sums up how valuable and versatile this book is.


Coraline was always one of my favorite movies as a kid. It really set up my love of horror movies that I now possess, almost 11 years later. I’d always intended to read it, but continually put it off for unknown reasons. I’m glad that I finally took the time to sit down and read the book. Neil Gaiman is a great writer and I’ve enjoyed reading some of his other works, including Good Omens, which I also highly recommend. Every word that Gaiman writes is so eloquent sounding and strung together in a beautiful way. I really appreciate the work he puts into his books. Coraline wasn’t necessarily a long read at all, only taking me a couple hours read through, but there is so much that happens through out the story. Not a single word is wasted or unnecessarily placed. Having Coraline be such a strong and resilient character is great. She’s just very well written. Although she is a child, she shows true bravery and inspiration. That can be really hard to achieve as an adult writing as a child narrator. It consistently feels like you are just one of Coraline’s friends being pulled through the adventure with her. I almost wish the book was even scarier than it actually was. I’m such a fan of horror movie but I’ve never really read any horror novels before. There were great moments of fear in the book, but I would’ve liked even more throughout. Overall, the book definitely did not disappoint. My expectations were high, being written by Neil Gaiman and also being one of my childhood favorite movies, and my expectations were definitely achieved. I highly recommend everyone read this book!