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Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney (not to be confused with the Law and Order: SVU star) is an Oswego graduate who is a singer/songwriter, bass guitarist and music educator. He played bass and worked with several bands, including Cosmosquad.

In 2000, he decided to try solo work and put out an album that featured his voice and song writing. He released the album in 2002 and promoted it the next year by playing in coffeehouses arouns Southern California. 

Maloney is also very involved with music eduacation. After he graduated from Musicians Institute, he was invited to work  at the school to teach bass.

He opened Absolute Music Studios, which is a music lesson facility in Florida.

Maloney shows that Oswego grads can go on the have successful lives and are extremely talented!

I'm a junior. I like to read, watch T.V. and sleep. Aaaand that's it.
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