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Campus Cutie: Shanelle Cox

Name: Shanelle Cox.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo.

What year are you? Sophomore.

Favorite color? Purple.

Favorite quote? “Live. Laugh. Love”

What is your major? Childhood Education.

What is the most interesting class you are taking this semester? Childhood development! I feel like it would help with the field I’m going into because it will help me understand how a child’s brain develops. It’s also cool to see how the brain changes over the years.

What do you think people say about you? People say that I have a sarcastic humor, I’m hard working and that I am a slight perfectionist.

What do you think about yourself? I do agree that I’m sarcastic, and that I am caring. In most cases, I usually put myself before others and take on their problems. I’m trying to become more balanced of the two.

First thought that comes to your mind when I say dream vacation? My dream vacation would have to be going to Paris, the city of love…with my bae of course!

Favorite accessories in your closet right now? I love shoes. I have too many to choose from!

If someone handed you $400 right now, what would you do with it? I probably go out and buy some shoes! Then I would save some, but that’s hard to do especially during this season.

Favorite thing about Fall? I love fall boots, my warm fuzzy cardigans, and watching Netflix under my blanket.

What are you currently obsessed with on Netflix? Grey’s Anatomy!

Any short term goals you have set for yourself? Honestly, I would like to get my license. I’m from the city so we don’t drive as often because the MTA is pretty convenient.

Hey! My name is Asha! I attend Oswego State University in New York (woop woop). My major is Broadcast Journalism and I aspire to become a successful news anchor some day. My interests consist of horoscopes, home decor, and just talking and meeting new people. I hope you all enjoy my articles :) thanks guyss!!!
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