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Bobby Drexler and Courtney Hadjeasgari

Oswego State’s Lifestyles Center hires so many good interns, it was hard to pick just one for this week’s Campus Celebrity. Going through and choosing which one stood out the most proved almost impossible, so instead, we give you two interns, two Campus Celebrities, and darn it, two good-looking Oswego State students.

Our fist Campus Celebrity is Bobby Drexler, the Street Team intern. If you’re ever walking down toward west campus and see those bulletin boards plastered with giant Lifestyles advertisements, or walking to or from the library and see spray chalk enticing you, ever so slightly, to check out Thursday’s Open Mic or Trivia Tuesday, then you can thank Bobby.

Bobby, a junior health and wellness major, has been involved with Lifestyles since his sophomore year, but has been interested in what they do since he was just a young freshie. Bobby would attend Open Mic as a freshman when they were periodically offered throughout the semester. He would hear about the center from his sister, a then-Peer Ed. His interest for the Lifestyles Center was instantly sparked, luring him to apply to be a Peer Ed his sophomore year.

“It seemed like it was a fun thing to do to get involved more for my career,” Bobby says. “I thought it was a good thing to do to further my education.”

When his two semesters of Peer Ed were up, Bobby knew he did not want to leave the Lifestyles Center.

“I wanted to stay involved and become more of a leader at the Lifestyles Center,” Bobby says.

As a leader, Bobby organizes Peer Eds, helps construct advertisements, and gets to graffiti all over campus, in the most positive way, of course. He is worried that not enough people know what the Lifesyles Center offers and that they are just sitting in their rooms “all grumpy gills.”

“It’s so the students can see the sweet alternative events we put on each week,” he says.

Of course, we know Bobby is talking about Thursdays Open Mic and Trivia Tuesday, but he is also referring to Zen meditation on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and the O-Mazing race, which took place this Wednesday, Sept. 26.

While busy being the Street Team intern, Bobby also plays for the club hockey team, acts as their treasurer and takes part in Campus Recreation’s intramurals. Being a part of various organizations on campus allows him to be involved in different demographics, making it easier to get the word out about various Lifestyles’ events.

While Bobby deals with the advertisement side of Lifestyles’ events, our second Campus Celebrity helps to run the events. Junior psychology major Courtney Hadjeasgari, (a mouthful right? Here’s a hint: it’s pronounced almost like the ice cream!), is Lifestyles’ Open Mic intern.

Courney helps to organize each Open Mic, comes up with new ideas and works on keeping people’s interest by getting them amped up each week. Wondering how she keeps up people’s energy and excitement? Well, it’s clear just by spending five minutes with her. Another way? All the goodies offered each Thursday in Lake Effect.

From Lifestyles’ stickers, to patches, sunglasses, buttons and coffee mugs, Thursday’s Open Mic is the place to get hyped up and perform to an audience of your peers, or just enjoy live music. Courtney does it for more than just the free goods, though if you ask me, it’s not a bad incentive.

Starting off as a Peer Ed in her sophomore year, Courtney couldn’t face leaving.

“I didn’t want to leave,” she says. “I love everyone here.”

Her interest, like Bobby’s, was ignited her freshmen year at Open Mic.

“It looked like a ton of fun,” she says. “It looked like something I wanted to be a part of. It was a way to make a difference on this campus, helping people, and just making this campus more awesome. Plus, I like meeting people.”

While dedicating her time to Lifestyles’, Courtney also works at the Fitness Center, and is a member of Active Minds, along with several other clubs. Being so busy hasn’t brought her down at all, though.

“It’s helped me be a lot more outgoing and helped me to get involved with a lot of different things that I wouldn’t know about,” she says.

Our two Campus Celebrities work side by side to help promote Lifestyles and the events they put on. So, if you see them scouring the campus for places to advertise, or rocking out at Open Mic, say hi and see how you can become part of the Lifestyles Center!

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