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The Best Snacks You Need to Get in Disney World


When you think about food from Disney World (or really just any theme park), you may just conjure up images of greasy fried foods, hot dogs, or sickly sweet cotton candy. However, Disney experts know that if you find the right spots to go to when visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you can discover GEMS of undeniable unique snacks and foods to try. I’ll let you in on expert secrets of what delicious snacks you need to try when at Disney World!

Dole Whip

This one is a no-brainer. Dole Whip is a heavenly soft-serve ice cream that comes in a variety of flavors. I always suggest for first-timers to stick to classic pineapple (pro tip: ask for extra pineapple juice at the bottom, so you can get more of that flavor). But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, try cool flavors such as coconut or raspberry – or take it another step and get yourself a specialty character cone (they have Peter Pan, Ursula, Hei Hei, you name it). Finding Dole Whip in the parks is a breeze, with locations at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom, Tamu Tamu Lounge in Animal Kingdom, and Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Resort (RIP to the 24/7 self-serve machine).


I feel as if these should be christened or baptised, because they are just at that level. Honestly, why waste money and your appetite on some Rice Krispie treat or marshmallow wand when you can enjoy a classic snack like churros? These lovelies are lightly fried, crunchy dough sticks that are dusted with cinnamon and spices, served with a chocolate dipping sauce. Now I know I said to avoid those greasy, fried foods at Disney at all costs, but these churros are done just right. Not aggressively sweet or fried, but can honestly satisfy any sweet tooth after walking around the parks all day. You can find the best ones at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot, or if you’re in a rush, they are most likely being served at the mobile food carts around the park.

Zebra Domes

Creamy liquor in dessert? Sign me up, straight away, anytime. At the Boma dinner buffet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort (staying there for even just a night for dinner will be life-changing, I swear), you can wrap up the African-inspired feast with these pretty little things called Zebra Domes. Decorated to look like zebra stripes, a panna-cotta mousse infused with imported Amarula liquor and drizzled with chocolate. I used to think I got hammered after eating these bad boys when I was younger, but in reality the Amarula has a gentle, caramel-esque flavor that ties the whole shebang together.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Basic? Check. Seemingly plain? Check. Delicious and iconic? Double-check. Yes, you can get these literally anywhere in Disney World, from the food stands to resort markets to even some restaurants around the park. But there is a reason for this availability and popularity – it is the quintessential, classic Disney snack that invokes everyone’s nostalgia. Sure, the flavor is plain old vanilla ice cream with a crunchy chocolate coating, but it is such an established hit that anyone can love and enjoy. And it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse – who wouldn’t want to take a cute picture of that?

Artisan Pretzel

Those cute little Mickey-shaped pretzels with the plastic cheese (not really plastic, but what else could be in there?) come in handy when you’re “hangry,” but instead of spending that money on something you could grab at any stadium, spend it on a GINORMOUS artisan pretzel. At Baseline Tap House in Hollywood Studios, you can get the Bavarian Artisan pretzel with a beer-cheese fondue and spicy mustard dipping sauce that is to *die* for. Also while you’re at it, why not get a charcuterie board as well? (because who DOESN’T like charcuterie boards??)

Gourmet Popcorn

Yes, popcorn may seem basic – but this definitely anything you’ve ever eaten out of the water! In one mystical, little stand in Epcot lies three unique gourmet popcorn flavors you can get either in a recyclable container or a refillable pal. You can get cheddar cheese, buffalo bleu cheese, and sour cream and chive popcorn – and if you want to try them all, just ask for a mix of all three! Not only is each flavor good on its own, but when you eat all three together in one bite – *chef’s kiss*.


So next time you find yourself in the “happiest place on Earth” (it really is when you do it right, just ignore the crying babies), skip the fried and fatty foods and indulge in these sweet and savoury treats that us ~pros~ eat.

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