Best Friendsgiving Recipes

Shannon: Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pie is an all-time classic, and nothing is more soothing than some good chocolate. Chocolate tends to bring people together, and at the end of a meal, having a nice comforting dessert like pie really can help everyone bond. It’s also super simple to make as it can be made from things most people have in their home already like flour, milk, butter, etc. The best way, in my opinion, to serve is with a dollop of whipped cream on top! However, chocolate pie is also a super simple pie to make vegan as well with swapping the very basic ingredients. 

Chocolate Pie Recipe


Jess: Macaroni and cheese

    I love everything about macaroni and cheese, and I think that it’s awesome comfort food. It fills you up and makes you happy, especially around the holidays. The recipe that I am using comes from a Tasty video and I am combining a thirty minute mac and cheese recipe with a three hour recipe in order to make my dish. I am making a homemade bechamel cheese sauce on the stove, and then I am making my own bread crumbs with sour bread dough and garlic infused oil to put on top of the mac and cheese before it bakes in the oven. I wanted to bring this to Friendsgiving because I won’t be able to make it at home during actual Thanksgiving. It is also a new recipe that I am very excited to try, and I want to see what other people will think of it.

Macaroni and Cheese Recipe


Tori: Chicken Nuggets

    Yeah, I know. This really isn’t the type of food that you associate with Thanksgiving, but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. Last year we did a Friendsgiving and we all voted on having chicken nuggets instead of something more ‘appropriate’ for the event because we are all children at heart and everyone always loves chicken nuggets. Plus, it takes little to no effort to make chicken nuggets. You can either buy a bunch from McDonalds (but try not to let them go cold) or you can buy a bag from the grocery store and make them for everyone that way. My recommendation is that you go all out with this childish endeavor and buy the ones shaped like dinosaurs. They’re sure to be a hit. 


Erin: Snickerdoodles 

Even though I do like to cook, my absolute favorite hobby is to bake. Every year I always bake something for the holiday’s whether it be cookies, cupcakes, brownies, you name it. These cookies are quick, easy, and enjoyable. As long as you are ready to get your hands dirty.  Plus who doesn’t love an amazing classic snickerdoodle!?!? The recipe that I used comes from and takes an hour all together between the prep and the actual baking time. However, this recipe is good if you have a big family because it serves up to 48 depending on how big you make the cookies. I hope you enjoy!!

Snickerdoodle Recipe