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“Battle of Designers: The Promise Land” Fashion Show

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This past weekend, The African Student Organization celebrated with their first post lockdown fashion show titled “Battle of The Designers”. The Fashion Show was shut down in 2020 due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, but this year, they came back with a new e-board, lit hosts, and a very eager crowd of students who came to support and watch the show. The hosts of the show were social media content creators known as the “Suya Boyz”. They had the crowd excited from the moment they got on stage and began their set, up until the show was over. They even stayed behind and mingled with guests and eboard members, and took pictures.

The show featured designers from African descent that ranged from streetwear, body jewelry,  and modern/traditional clothing. And, models were in scenes curated by e-board members of course! The theme this year was “The Promised Land”, and that is exactly what it was.

One of our members, Jaylea Ransom graced the stage as a model and had this to say about her experience: “I truly enjoyed walking at the ASO: Battle of the Designers fashion show because participating helped me make friends and step out of my comfort zone (literally). Everyone within the organization was so supportive and tried their best to make sure everyone had a good time. I’m so happy that I was able to walk in a show before I graduate this May, and I will always remember this experience as one of my favorite moments at SUNY Oswego!”

I’m happy that student organizations have worked to bring back campus events after the tough year we’ve had being isolated.

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