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he Amanda Show has recently been rebooted, except this time there aren’t any hill-billy skits, unless you count Amanda Bynes’ recent public humiliations.

The 26-year-old child star has unfortunately started the stereotypical downward spiral of fame, slowly following the footsteps of Hollywood’s favorite has-been Lindsay Lohan. Despite her latest gig, starring as good-girl Marianne in 2010’s Easy A, Miss Bynes has decided to take her public career in a different direction than co-star Emma Stone. In short, her face appears on more gossip sites and tabloids than movie posters these days.

The former funny girl’s most recent joke has been her driving record. What started out as a couple ‘harmless” hit and runs has escalated to a DUI and a $50,000 bail charge. But don’t worry, the starlet was sure to receive her well-deserved special treatment.

To ensure a swift clean up of Bynes’ mess, her lawyer Richard Hutton convinced the DA to let Amanda sit pretty in her LA home while he fought to get rid of her pricey parking ticket.

What has Miss Bynes been up to while her lawyer keeps her off the roads, you ask? Just a few casual shopping trips where she reportedly experienced “mental distress” while locking herself in a dressing room. The star has also been publicly diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, while the media entertains itself with the bad-girl battle between the Nick star and Disney’s Lindsay Lohan.

According to sources, Amanda’s parents have relocated from their home in Texas to stabilize their troubled daughter.

The question us mere mortals are asking is: Will the constant criticism from the media bring Bynes back to her former ways, or will her newly acquired designated driver lead her off the edge? Most celebs engage in the x-rated activities that have recently plagued Amanda’s reputation; her mistake unfortunately was getting caught. Her next mistake, getting caught again. Where is the innocent comedic guru funny girls grew up idolizing?

AMANDA, PLEASE! Come back.

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