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Amanda Bintz

The Oswegonian office is warm as usual. The door is propped open with cardboard boxes filled with undistributed newspapers. Amanda Bintz, the chief copy editor, sits at her usual Mac computer, browsing through the web as she waits for proofs to edit.

“I’ve been at The Oswegonian for two years,” Bintz said. “Copy editor the first year and chief copy editor the second year.”

Bintz, an English and Creative Writing double major and journalism minor, spends Wednesday and Thursdays at The Oswegonian, making sure grammar in articles submitted by students is in tip-top shape.

Not only does Bintz work for The Oswegonian, she also works at the writing center.


“I’ve been working there for three years,” Bintz said. “I like that, first of all, I get to read all these papers from different disciplines, so I learn a lot about things that I wouldn’t see just in my major, but I especially like helping people with literary criticism papers.”

When Bintz isn’t in the library helping students with their papers or at The Oswegonian correcting grammar errors, she is at home doing homework, reading or watching T.V. shows.

“I like to read,” Bintz said. “Currently, I’m trying to read classic literature.”

Bintz said she enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction, but keeps most of her work in a journal.

“I like to journal a lot,” Bintz said. “That’s mainly what I write.”

Apart from writing, Bintz enjoys watching Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls and Arrested Development, which she admits is her all-time favorite show.

As for movies, Bintz said that for sentimental reasons, The Lord of the Rings movies are one of her favorite ones.

“I can’t think of one that’s my favorite movie, because there’s just a lot of them. Except for more cartoons. How To Train Your Dragon, Anastasia, Tangled and classic Disney movies, of course,” Bintz said.

Although Bintz is very much into animated films and T.V. shows, she also listens to a wide variety of music. Some of her favorite artists include Fall Out Boy, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, The Decemberists, Florence and the Machine, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, The Killers, Paolo Nutini, The Shins, Stars and Regina Spektor.

A fun fact about Bintz is she owns six cats: Baby, Sunny, Harry Potter, Simba, Felix and Sungmin. She’s a big animal lover, claiming that sometimes, “I like cats more than most people.”

But this girl also enjoys having a good time with her friends on the weekends.

“I like going to the bars with my friends,” Bintz said. “Anywhere they want to go, really, but as long as I’m with some cool people, I’ll have a good time.”

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