All Things Alesha Barrett

This week I got the chance to interview and get to know Alesha Barrett a little bit better. She’s the Senior Editor for Her Campus. But next semester, she’ll be stepping into the role of Co-Editor-In-Chief. I asked her about the holidays and what her favorite fictional character was. Read on to find out more about Alesha Barrett!

Name: Alesha Barrett

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

What’s the most surprising thing about you?

I hate taking risks although I'm so involved on campus.

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

Listening to Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies non-stop!

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

“12 Days of Christmas”, only because I know all the words. And “Jingle Bell Rock” because of Mean Girls.

Do you have any plans for after college?

I want to work at a sports broadcast station either for TV or radio. I also want to be able to travel. I've always wanted to go to Europe and some countries in Africa.


How do you feel that you’ve changed since High School?

I feel like I'm become more open and social. I've become more comfortable with myself which makes it easier for me to talk to others and build relationships with others.

What kind of TV/movies do you watch?

I like to watch suspense dramas, romance movies and comedies.

Who’s your favorite fictional character?

I'd have to say Glen Coco from Mean Girls because he's clearly a people person and I like people like that.