The 7 Shows You Should Be Binging

I could list the best parts of fall for hours, but I think my favorite aspect is the cozy weather. October brings puffy dark clouds, wild waves to Lake Ontario, and bone-chilling wind. I always find myself wanting to curl up -- with fluffy socks of course -- and watch something I can indulge in. The struggle then becomes scrolling through Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, only to waste a plethora of time looking for something. Lucky for you, I have put together a list of shows that can satisfy your October craving to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and put your feet up while binging ~quality~ TV.

1. Greek

An oldie, but goodie. The teen drama will keep you hooked for hours and make you feel a part of a busy, crazy college campus right from your bed.


2. Big Mouth

Raunchy? Yes. Season 2? Out now!


3. Friends

The Thanksgiving episodes always give me fall feels!


4. Riverdale

Can season 3 be out already? If you haven’t already enjoyed this steamy teen drama, it’s time for you to get warped into the world of Archie and Jughead.


5. Bob’s Burgers

Looking for something that doesn’t require much thinking, but provides just enough context to laugh at? You can watch it on Hulu!


6. Sherlock

Mysteries in London? Sign me up. This show is well-rounded and gives you actual footage of the global city!


7. Vampire Diaries

Just give it a few episodes and you’ll be addicted. And want to be a vampire. That is all.


Looking at Oswego’s weather, the temperature is about to drop and stay dropped. Say goodbye to summer and hello to your next curled up binge. You’re welcome.