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5 Extracurricular & Professional Goals For Second Semester Sophomore Year

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  1. Secure an on-campus internship for fall 2023

As I will soon be entering my second semester of sophomore year, I am excited to continue finding experiential learning opportunities related to my interests in mental health counseling and creative media. Ideally, securing an on-campus internship will allow me to become further involved and gain experience in my particular career fields involving psychology and working with people. Which will become useful for my interest in receiving a master’s in counseling. This will provide me with career connections at Oswego, which will further my experiences and develop relationships. I will be able to become involved in different aspects of the campus community by doing work I am passionate and excited about, and give back to the community. 

  1. Try a new club or delve deeper into a current club I am involved with

   In January, I am planning to further my involvement in the club WNYO by applying to an additional e-board position and eventually start my own podcast or radio show. Since I joined Greek Life in the fall semester, I plan to secure general board positions so I can apply skills for my professional development and to do service activities. Additionally, I am planning to apply for Psi Chi, (International Honor Society in Psychology), Lambda Pi Eta (National Communication Association’s official honor society), and reach out to become a psychology peer advisor. I have also joined greek life where I was elected to positions of historian and Greek Local Women’s Association Representative. 

  1. Research and secure a study abroad opportunity     

Studying abroad is a goal I had before I entered college, and traveling and experiencing new cultures is a key value I hold. I would like to travel to Europe, such as London, or Australia to hold a position pertaining to mental health/counseling. In order to secure an internship abroad, my goal is to meet with the study abroad office to discuss options early in the semester, secure an internship with EXCEL, and register for an internship program before May. 

  1. Improve my LinkedIn profile

Towards the middle of the fall semester, I started to frequently network and add individuals on LinkedIn through my involvement in the SUNY Oswego Media Summit and Public Relations Student Society of America. I have also reached out to my classmates and friends asking if I could add them on LinkedIn, which has allowed me to build my professional network that I will continue to do in the spring.

  1. Reach out and make connections to my advisors to ask about opportunities available 

Recently, I have changed my majors from communications and human development to psychology and public relations. I switched my majors because these are more tailored to my career goals, personal topics of interest, and they involve hands-on coursework. Since I am fortunate to have personable and approachable advisors who have a plethora of experience within my career interests, I would like to develop a working, close relationship with them so they can get to know me better and I can get to know them. I hope to make valuable connections with them by collaborating on their projects, research, major department, and assist me with finding opportunities pertaining to my interests. As I am always thinking many steps ahead, they will be a valuable support system and connection I have regarding future courses, plans after graduation, graduate school applications, and potentially getting involved with undergraduate research.

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