3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining Your School's Student Government

Student government organizations are perhaps some of the most beneficial clubs to join during your college career, as they can be vital to the growth you have as a person during your undergraduate days. If you’re looking to join a new club next fall that can help you refine some of your basic communication and social skills, look no further than your local Student Association, or Student Government Association!

1. You learn public speaking and debate skills

One of the most important aspects of government, whether on campus or in the real world, is the art of public speaking and debating. By participating in your campus’ SA or SGA, you might be making speeches in front of your colleagues, addressing members of your campus, or even presenting for conferences or presentations. Also, the more you speak in front of people the ‘nerves’ that come with public speaking will eventually go away each time you do it!

2. You can make a difference on campus

Most student government organizations have different committees that senators or legislators are a part of. If your school’s SA/SGA has committees that you’re passionate about, such as Sustainability or Diversity and Inclusion, try to join them so you can do even more specific work on your campus. Representing students who identify or are passionate about certain issues - like sustainability - will allow you to see what types of things people on your campus are truly concerned about. And, you’ll have a key role in making a change for them, and that’s honestly the best gift of all.

3. You can network at national conventions/conferences

Most SA/SGA orgs have opportunities to attend national conventions for student government leaders, and if your school funds your group, you could be attending conferences across the country! Meeting new people from all over the country or even the world can create amazing connections for you post-graduation. Maybe that senior from Villanova you met last fall can snag you a job working on a congressman or woman’s campaign! Or maybe you received the contact info of one of the speaker’s at your convention. No matter what or who it is, just by attending these conferences and networking with fellow students and professionals, a thousand doors could be opening up for you in the future that could change your whole life.