10 Reasons that Fall is the Best Season

The best time of year has come around once again and I cannot fully express how excited I am! Whether fall is your favorite season or not, you have to admit that it’s filled with a lot of perks. I mean come on, there cannot possibly be anyone out there who truly dislikes fall, right? There are many reasons as to why fall is wonderful, that I think most people can agree on.



1. The Foliage

Whether you love to look at them, or play in them, the changing leaves make fall incredibly special. The rustic colors completely change up the surrounding scenery, and make for an absolutely beautiful sight. Fall is a photographer’s dream season.



2.  Cooler, Comfortable Temperatures

Say bye-bye to the humidity when fall comes rolling around (or maybe not; thanks a lot global warming!). Fall is a lovely in-between season. It’s not too hot and not cold enough to snow. There’s no sweating while walking to class and you won’t freeze either. The mild weather also accommodates for curling up under a blanket to read a book, or to binge watch your favorite show.


3. Fall Fashion

The cooler temperatures means warmer clothing. It’s time to trade in shorts for jeans and leggings, sandals for boots, and tanks for sweaters and flannels. We finally get to bust out those thick and fuzzy socks we all love so much!



4. Seasonal Drinks

I know a lot of people are obsessed with pumpkin-spiced lattes, but I’ll be happy when I’m able to drink hot tea whenever I want without getting a heatstroke. And let’s not forget about apple cider. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of apple cider in the dining halls.


5. Fresh Apples

There is no better time to eat apples than in the fall when they’re nice and ripe. Apples are also part of a lot of very yummy fall treats. Apple crisp, apple pie, candy apples … I could go on and on.


6. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a fall staple! You can turn them into cookies or pies and even eat the seeds. They’re also used to spice up your favorite fall drinks. You can even use them for decorating purposes. Pumpkins really help make fall so iconic.



7. Fun Fall Festivities

There is a lot of fun to be had in the fall. There are usually craft fairs or festivals going on that are always bound to be a good time. You can go apple picking with friends, go on a hayride, or  pick out some pumpkins to paint or carve.  Especially around Halloween, the fall event possibilities are endless.



8. Halloween

Halloween has something for everyone, even if you’ve grown out of trick-or-treating. You can still have fun dressing up and going to a party. There’s haunted houses and hayrides to give you a scare. If those things don’t interest you, you can definitely stay in and watch classic Halloween movies while eating a bag of candy all to yourself. Yum!


9. The Crisp Air

It is incredibly satisfying to be able to walk outside with a warm drink in your hand and take a moment to breathe in the lovely, crisp air of fall. I absolutely love the smell of leaves in the morning.



10. Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving you get to spend time with your family, and even if you don’t like visiting your family, there is plenty of great food to go around. Seriously, Thanksgiving is the one day out of the year when absolutely no one is allowed to judge you for stuffing your face. Who doesn’t love that?

*All pictures are Ashley's*