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So now that Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to buy boatloads of candy and decide what you’re going to be. This decision can actually be stressful especially when you’ve been busy studying for midterms and Halloweekend has snuck up so quickly. Luckily, we have YouTube, which is filled with easy, last minute Halloween makeup tutorials. Here’s a list of 10 ideas to help get you started.


This is great because skulls are a classic for spooky season but it’s not a full commitment. Another plus is you can get creative on the top of your face and customize it. You can go from a smoky eye to just popping on some lashes, and you’re good to go.


2) Fairy

If you aren’t into scary costumes and want something more colorful, this is for you. You can play with glitter, pastel shadows, and even colored brows.


3) Deer

A twist on your traditional animal costumes but it’s still super cute and simple. Just be careful when crossing the road.


4) Joker

Jokers don’t have to just be funny or scary, they can be sexy too.


5) Mermaid

This is another awesome option if you want to be a little more vibrant this year. Who knew fishnet tights can be used for more than just fashion?


6) Cat

Yes, this may be basic but it’s timeless. Plus, cheetah print is really in right now so you will look trendy regardless.


7) Vampire

Another classic. Now all you need is fangs and a cape. Also fake blood — lots of it.


8) Comic/Pop Art Girl

This idea is unique because you can do all different types of facial expressions for it. You can even rock your RBF and no one will even know!


9) Fake Wounds

This isn’t really a costume but if you aren’t into going all out this year and still want to look like you put in a lot of effort, cover yourself in some of these.


10) Sunflower Scarecrow

A creative take on your regular old scarecrow. Here is an example with our very own HCOZ member Kailey, done by our talented member Jordyn!


Sam is a Business Administration major with an Entrepreneurship minor in her junior year at SUNY Oswego. She loves animals (especially cats), makeup, retail therapy, sunsets, iced coffee, and rewatching The Office.
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