ZAYN's New Single: "Still Got Time"

Zayn Malik still continues to thrill his fans ever since he left the beloved boy band, One Direction, two-years ago. RIP to the seemingly inseparable five guys who impressed girls’ hearts with their catchy pop music. When he left the band it broke fans' herats. It felt like the world might never hear his falsetto voice again. But Zayn only contined to make moves.

Rumors about him becoming a solo artist surfaced, but the truth of it all was questionable. Zayn Malik stepped away from the stoplight for a while, only to impress the world with his debut solo single, “PILLOWTALK,” followed by his solo album, “Mind of Mine.” He released it exactly a year after he revealed his departure from One Direction; this time fans were crying tears of joy.

Zayn’s distinct soulful R&B tone definitely stood out in One Direction’s songs. He was the guy always singing the higher, longer notes. And Mind of Mine showcased the smooth, sexier power of his voice. It provided fans a deeper side of Zayn by including songs written entirely by him—songs that fit his taste in music and his tone of voice.

Naturally, his first album was a success. After its release Zayn’s solo musical career skyrocketed. He soon collaborated with Taylor Swift to sing their single, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” featured on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

This past week, Zayn surprised fans by announcing his upcoming release of his first single on his second album featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Still Got Time.” He previewed the song for fans by posting a 10-second preview on his Instagram.

When a fan tweeted him asking when he would actually release the single, he replied with a reassuring, “Soon and I mean it.” And following his said promise, he released his new single a couple days later— two days away from the anniversary of Mind of Mine.

Even iHeartRadio tweeted out that Zayn is the king of promises.

"Still Got Time" features a tropical hip-hop vibe with lyrics, “"Just stop lookin' for love / Girl, you know you still got time," fans love. The suspense leading to the release of his second album has definitely set in! I guess fans will have to listen to this new single on repeat in the mean time, as we excitedly wait.