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Your Survival Guide to Combating Spring Break FOMO

Staying home for spring break this year? Here’s how to avoid the boring-break blues:

Before I was an actual college student, I dreamed of all of the amazing, Insta-worthy, wild spring break trips I would take in college. Even during the first semester of my freshman year, I entertained, in my mind, the idea of a potential getaway to some tropical paradise during the early weeks of March. However, the truth quickly set in, and I soon discovered a mid-semester holiday would not be a reality for me. Although disappointing, my break spent at home doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. It is possible to have an amazing spring break, full of plenty, much-needed R&R, without traveling far from home or breaking the bank. Here are my top tips to making the most of your time off and avoiding the FOMO that may set in.

Know that you aren’t the only one staying home.

In a 2017 survey, only 18% of college students stated they were planning on vacationing during their spring break. That leaves 82% at home, working, spending time with family, working an internship or staying on campus. So, no matter how many beachy bikini pics you see on your Instagram feed, just know that you aren’t the only one who couldn’t go on a lavish trip over break.

Go to a day spa or salon.

Just because you aren’t sitting poolside sipping a Long Island iced tea, doesn’t mean you can’t relax and pamper yourself in other ways. Refresh and unwind by getting a massage and facial at a local spa, or, if that’s not in the budget, get your nails done or try an at-home spa day.

Visit your friends at other schools.

If you have friends that go to another school and have a different spring break than you, stay with them for a night or two and see what their campus nightlife is like! You can still get an “away from home” experience, with the added perk of seeing other friends, without having to spend an arm and a leg on hotel and airline fees.

Spend a day being a “tourist” in your own city.

Odds are, you haven’t been to every single restaurant, shopping center, museum, park, etc. in your hometown. Fill an entire day (or afternoon or evening) trying new foods and attractions in your city.

Start planning a trip for the summer (or next spring break!)

There’s no better way to get over FOMO than by planning another event to be excited about. Start thinking about possible weekend getaways or weeklong escape destinations and itineraries!

While I wish I could be spending my spring break on a beach or in some other exciting new city that isn’t my hometown, I don’t have to let my time off be boring, and you don’t either! Here’s to a relaxing spring break, regardless of the destination.

Jenna is a senior at The Ohio State University (go bucks!!) double majoring in English and Communications. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. When she isn't writing, reading, or studying, Jenna likes to spend her time eating Skyline Chili and playing with her dogs, Dixie and Dexter.
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