You should know:@OsuSophomore

The Ohio State University’s campus has over 60,000 undergraduate students. Through conversations with other women on campus, I found out that one out of four girls know of the @Osuophomore twitter account. Despite that large number people on campus, social media sites makes things in life a whole lot easier in terms of staying connected. According to the @OsuSophomore account everyone is related in one another or another. Her avi shows a blonde girl, smiling, wearing black sunglasses— unsure if the picture has afterlife brightener, filters or adjusted saturation for the sun-kissed tan look but nonetheless a picture of a girl that we’ve all grown to want as our best friend.  @OsuSophomore is the most relevant account for girls at OSU and getting a favorite from the account is as essential to your experience here as it is getting into The O for Beat the Clock on Fridays.  The account has over 1,000 followers and 5,000 tweets since 2010.

@OSsuophomore’s tweets are liked because they are relatable. Since coming back to campus for the autumn semester, you’ve graduated from making drunken bestfriends in the Park Street bathroom to asking if the person that sits behind you in Math 1140 if they’re on Snapchat. You live on Indianola between either Chittenden avenue or 18th avenue, and as a freshman you lived in a dorm on south campus. What are you? You’ve guessed it, you’re a sophomore i.e. “not a freshman”.

The @OsuSophomore account is run by a male recent graduate of ohio state who still lives relatively close to campus. I emailed him few questions and he was able to give me a hint on who @OsuSophomore really is and how he’s inspired to write for the account.  The account is a satire on Ohio State girls, and is not meant to be taken offensively. The situations that @OsuSophomore tweets about are ironic. There is an @OsuSophomore in every friend group. She’s down for anything. She may be stubborn at times, is the coolest person you know, and doesn’t need to roll deep with a lot of people to feel important but knows she’s important. Maybe you’re her. Maybe you’re not.


Where did the idea for @OsuSophomore come from? Why not OSU freshman or junior? Senior?

I had noticed a pattern of behavior from the attractive Ohio State female students I followed on Twitter. They all seemed particularly concerned with letting you know that people found them attractive. They did so under the guise of being "awkward and embarrassing" which made little sense to me. The character was ripe for the picking. She really writes herself.

Good question on why it's Ohio State "Sophomore." You can forgive a college freshman for being a jackass on social media. A sophomore should know better. This girl - like most attractive Ohio State sophomores - does not know better.


How does the @OsuSophomore account comment on sorority/fraternity life at OSU? Is being affiliated with these campus organizations important in doing well at OSU? 

This account is not about sorority girls. I just find that girls from the upper-middle class on up seem to gravitate toward sororities. The character is your typical wealthy girl from suburban Cincinnati or perhaps Columbus who will move to Chicago shortly after graduation and litter your Facebook wall with engagement photos four or five years down the line. That girl - on average - seems to be in a sorority.


 What Twitter accounts do you favorite/ retweet often?

I love the guys at @TheFakeLantern. They really helped my character take off in December 2013. There are a couple decent parody accounts at Ohio State. There are some awful ones too. I know mine is one of the best.

What is Britt’s relation to @OsuSophomore? Hunter?

Brit is my favorite part of the account right now. Brit is the most normal person @OsuSophomore knows. I think people read the Brit tweets and think to themselves, "Ah! I've thought that before too." When I think of the dream scenario of taking a girl home from Park Street on a Thursday night, it's Brit. It's not @OsuSophomore.

Hunter is the tallest guy in the best frat. His dad owns multiple car dealerships.


Top 3 downtown bars

OsuSophomore's - Brothers, Cantina, Callahan's

OsuSophomore writer- Bakersfield, Callahan's, Novak's


Top 3 campus bars

OsuSophomore's - Midway, The O, Plaza

OSsuophomore writer- Out-R-Inn, Little Bar, The Library


3 favorite apps

OsuSophomore's three favorite apps are Instagram, Twitter and ugh Facebook (although she is seemingly always "thinking about deleting it" or so says her status updates). She's also a fan of Tinder but NEVER messages first.

**OsuSophomore intermittently uses Uber but lets you know about it every time she does.


What major would @OsuSophomore be?

Communications or fashion. She doesn't realize you could major in both.


Would she live on south or north campus freshman year?

C'mon. She lived in Park-Stradley.


What game are you looking forward to this year?

OsuS -She's looking forward to the game where Hunter doesn't text her first until 1:30 a.m. so she can text Connor at 1:22 a.m. and hopefully make Hunter jealous. 

OsuSWriter- I'm looking forward to the Michigan game. 


Favorite game day accessory

Our cellphones.


@OsuSophomore “thrives on the attention from tall boys who hopefully have wealthy parents. And getting texts FIRST from guys. Also, not messaging first on Tinder”, having the best taste in music, calling her friends basics, Buzzfeed quizzes, having over 50 views on her snap story, having Siri go off in class by accident, emoji’s, and stealing your wifi. @OsuSophomore is your favorite homie. Now, go comment on her Spotify listening history on Facebook so she knows she still is the favorite.