The Worst Items We Received Trick-Or-Treating As A Child

Being the adults we are now (whether we feel like it or not), Halloween has come to mean something totally different to us than it did when we were children. We only focus on crazy costumes and parties now. So, I thought it would be fun to talk about how Halloween was back in the day. Let’s take a minute and remember trick-or-treating, and specifically, all the items we got that just weren't worth the trip up the driveway. There was always that house you would avoid at all costs so you didn't have to take a "treat" you didn't want. We definitely all had this experience as a kid, but here are the top five things I personally hated getting in my candy bucket. 

  1. Pretzels I don’t know what we were supposed to do with a bag of pretzels. My mom had pretzels in the pantry all the time. Do you know what she didn’t have? Reece's cups, which are half the reason I ever went trick-or-treating anyway.  I appreciate the gesture, but no thanks. 
  2. Those Build-Your-Own Hamburger Gummies Something about a candy shaped like a hamburger really bothered me. I didn’t want to have to assemble my food into shape before I ate it, and it didn’t taste that good to begin with. Was this just me?
  3. Raisins These are literally fruit which defeats the entire purpose of Halloween. I honestly think anyone who handed raisins out was doing it as a joke. Even if you like raisins on a normal day, you don’t want them instead of candy. 
  4. Crackers This is another one that doesn’t make sense to me at all. I can only recall getting crackers a handful of times over the years, but again, no kid is going to dress up and walk around asking for a packet of Ritz.
  5. Apples Personally, I never had to take an apple while trick-or-treating, but I know it is a universally hated occurrence, so I felt I should throw it in. I support the adults attempting to prevent our teeth from rotting, but that isn’t the point of a holiday. 

I hope this was a fun read and got you thinking of the worst “treats” you received in your basket as a kid. In all seriousness, any time a neighbor spends their money and sits outside in the cold waiting to give excited kids a gift is a kind gesture and we should be thankful. But for me, candy is always preferred over anything else, even as an adult.