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Why boyfriend jeans are better than boyfriends

This isn’t the only time I would advise someone to invest in fashion before investing in a boyfriend. I am so thrilled that boyfriend jeans are finally making it big in the fashion industry. Boyfriend jeans are risky and sassy and have that “I wear what I want, when I want” attitude. I might be biased, because I’ve never really been a fan of the skinny jean trend, but boyfriend jeans are way more stylish than skinny jeans. They add character to the outfit and you can get away with wearing something as simple as a white tee on top. Boyfriend jeans are exactly what they sound like- a pair of jeans that are supposed to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s. Although, I’m pretty sure none of us would look this good if we just threw on a pair of men’s jeans. 


Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed fit that are usually straight leg, and they’re often cuffed at the bottom. They come in every wash- light, dark, acid, white- and the popular trend right now, as seen above, is very distressed. They can be very one-dimensional, which is what I love about them. They can be a bit masculine and make it look like you aren’t trying too hard, but at the same time very stylish. No matter what outfit you wear them with, it gives you a very care free look. 


This look is definitely one of my favorites with boyfriend jeans. This pair is high rise, which is ideal for me, and pairing it with the white tee gives off another care free look and feel to the outfit. Adding that leather jacket and those casual yet chic black sneakers makes it the perfect street style look that you could get away with wearing just about anywhere. This look adds a little more of a masculine feel, but with the boyfriend jeans you can totally get away with it. The way the model added small pieces of gold jewelry to the outfit brings in a bit of female character to the outfit. 


One of the biggest troubles I’ve had with my boyfriend jeans is wanting to wear them in the winter, which most often leads to wearing them with boots. Pairing the boyfriend jeans with boots is when you’ll definitely have to be cuffing the bottom of the pant. I had trouble with wearing mine with boots because I have such short legs, but once you cuff the bottom a few times, it looks effortless and stylish. I would suggest pairing them with a heeled bootie to add more of a feminine look and feel. You can get away with just about any top though- blazer, leather jacket, or a sweater. 


This look is really pushing for the feminine feel rather than masculine. I love this style because you can wear it in so many different scenarios. It might be a little much for the workplace, depending on where you work, but you could wear this on a night out for drinks, date night, shopping, or a party. I love all the neutral colors on top and in the bag because that allows for the color in that heel to really pop. I also really love the way the model is styled with just a simple grey t-shirt underneath that blazer, it keeps a bit of the masculine feel to go with the jeans. This outfit is the perfect example of effortless, simple, and chic. 


So why should you choose boyfriend jeans instead of a boyfriend? They won’t argue with you, they’re more stylish than your boyfriend would be, and they’re probably less expensive, too!


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