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What the Valentine’s Gift Your SO Gives You Says About Your Relationship

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you and your significant other are probably putting the finishing touches on each other’s gifts and anxiously awaiting the most romantic day of the year with full hearts. Valentine’s Day gift shopping never fails to be stressful, probably because these exchanged tokens of affection tend to reveal so much about how you and your partner feel about each other. Here’s what the gift you get this V-Day reveals about your relationship…


If your partner doesn’t get you anything, it usually means one of two things: you’ve been together forever, or you’re not really together. If it’s the first case, you two likely prefer to save your money for more practical things, and you don’t need a special occasion to spoil each other. Or, it could mean you and your partner are in the “talking” stage and haven’t put a label on your relationship. Either way, there’s no shame in having a low-key Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and chocolate

If your partner gets you flowers and chocolate, you two are the type to play it safe. It’s also likely that this is your first Valentine’s Day together, and you may have only just started dating. You can never go wrong with this classic gift.

An assortment of your favorite snacks

If you receive a basket with your favorite snacks, candy, ice-cream and/or drinks, you and your partner know each other really well and know exactly how to make each other happy. This gift shows that your partner really pays attention to you when you talk about your likes and dislikes, and they genuinely listen when you share your thoughts with them.

A stuffed animal

If your SO gets you a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day (bonus points if it’s giant!), your love language is almost definitely physical touch, and you two probably spend a lot of time cuddling. You love to be close to each other and are often caught holding hands or stealing a kiss whenever you get the chance.


If you get any type of jewelry for Valentine’s day, you and your SO are practical. A pair of earrings or a necklace are both timeless gifts, and they provide a sweet reminder of your partner that you can wear year-round. You’re always on their mind, and they’re always on yours.

Perfume or cologne

If your partner gets you perfume or cologne for V-Day, you are the type to steal their sweatshirt and wear their T-shirts to bed because you can’t get enough of them. You love the way they smell, and the sentiment is reciprocated.


If your Valentine gives you lingerie, your relationship is…spicy; you two know how to keep the spark alive. Lingerie is a bold choice for a gift, but it shows that you two are comfortable with each other and like to keep things exciting.

A game to play together

If your partner gets you a game or another activity that you can do together, one of your top love languages is quality time, and your partner knows it. You two never fail to have fun together and probably aren’t afraid to be goofy with each other.

A handwritten note

If your partner hand-writes you a letter for Valentine’s Day, you two have a very loving and honest relationship. You or your partner’s love language is probably words of affirmation, and they love to remind you how much they care about you. There’s almost nothing more romantic than a good old-fashioned love letter.

A handmade gift

If your SO gives you a handmade gift this year, they are totally in love with you and want to show you just how much they care. Your relationship is incredibly wholesome, and you and your partner are definitely best friends. You and your partner always make time for each other, no matter what. There’s really no gift cuter than one that’s handmade with love by your SO.

Even though it’s nice to get a gift for Valentine’s Day, the most important aspect of the holiday is that you and your partner make each other feel loved and appreciated. Gift or no gift, Feb. 14 is about showing your SO how much you care for them.

Jenna is a senior at The Ohio State University (go bucks!!) double majoring in English and Communications. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. When she isn't writing, reading, or studying, Jenna likes to spend her time eating Skyline Chili and playing with her dogs, Dixie and Dexter.
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