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Your Bestie’s Perfect Gift According to Their Love Language

Everyone has one of the five love languages: Acts of Service, Gift-Giving, Physical Touch, Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. A person’s love language affects how they like to spend time with those that they love and what they want to receive from those people. My personal love language is Gift-Giving, so I decided to utilize it by creating a love language gift guide for you! If you are having trouble finding a gift for your best friend, find out their love language and take inspiration from the ideas below!

Acts of Service

Give a person with the Acts of Service love language a gift card to their go-to coffee shop or mall. While they are out doing errands, they can treat themselves by grabbing a coffee or buying a piece of clothing they have always wanted. Consider also gifting them a day at a spa while you run errands, clean their house or complete whatever tasks they want you to do! Afterwards, go out for lunch with them or consider setting up a weekly time where you help each other out with any tasks that you dread.


Consider gifting a person with the Gift-Giving love language a personalized tribute to your friendship, such as a scrapbook of your favorite memories, matching jewelry, stuffed animals or a gift themed to their favorite TV show. People with the Gift-Giving love language value gifts that remind them of specific memories, inside jokes or aspects of their personality rather than standard gift cards or candy. You can also treat a person with this love language to a shopping day! This not only allows a person to pick out their own gifts, but also allows them to create memories while doing it. This makes the gift even more special.

Physical Touch

Gift a person with the Physical Touch love language a gift certificate for a trip to get a massage or a manicure and pedicure. You can even join them on the spa day so that you can catch up while getting your nails or hair done together! After the spa day, present them with a gift basket of their favorite skincare and bath products. You can also gift them with yoga, workout or mindfulness classes. This will allow them to improve their mind-body connection. Don’t forget to give them a hug when you’re giving them their gift!

Quality Time

Spend some one-on-one time with a person that has the Quality Time love language by taking them on a hike followed by a picnic of their favorite foods. This will allow you to be able to catch up, vent or laugh with no distractions (like there would be at a movie or a workout class). Make sure to make them the focus of the conversation, allowing them to talk about everything that is making them excited or bothering them. Afterwards, have a discussion about your favorite memories together or what you value in each other. Consider playing a game like “We’re Not Really Strangers” or any other activity designed for deep, thoughtful conversation.

Words of Affirmation

Consider gifting someone with the Words of Affirmation love language a journal. Someone with this love language most likely thrives when they are given encouragement and praise. With a journal, this person can write out positive words about themselves, cultivating self-love in the process! Additionally, consider writing them a handwritten note about your favorite memories together and your favorite traits about them. Or, you can craft them a canvas filled with positive affirmations that they can hang up in their room.

I am a third-year student at The Ohio State University majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Dance and Professional Writing.
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