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Werk-It Out

Looking to switch up your daily workout? Ever wanted to learn how to twerk like Miley Cyrus? If so, look no further than “Werk-It,” the new dance fitness class sweeping campus. Seen last month on the stage at Buckeyethon, this class has been making moves in diversifying group fitness. I sat down with the creator of the class, Aaron Michael Lopez, a graduate student here at Ohio State, to see what makes this class “werk” so well.

HC: Where did the idea for “Werk-It!” originate?AL: My sister is a fitness instructor so she said to me if, in between undergrad and grad, that if I needed a job, she would get me one if I just created a class. I used to teach little kids hip hop and it was hard to hold their attention, so I would say things like “move,” “work it,” “have fun” and so I decided to bring the idea of this class to adults.

HC: And then you added in more of the sexy moves.AL: Exactly. I slowly realized how much I could get away with.

HC: Now, did you get the name from twerking as kind of a spin off?AL: No, I mean I knew what twerking was when I started, but it wasn’t famous when I started doing this. “Work it” was more of a phrase I would use all the time.

HC: I know a lot of people I have talked to think that’s where you got it because we do a little bit of it in class.AL: I started doing “Work It” with an “o,” but you don’t really think of working or having fun when it’s spelled like that. Changing it to an “e” made it a little more, well, gay and women really responded well to the “e” and not the “o”.

HC: I know that this is really different from any other group fitness classes here at Ohio State. A lot of the classes are more typical classes, like cycling and cross-fit, but now we are seeing dance classes like this becoming more popular. Why do you think that is?AL: I think it’s because there is more of a have-fun element and you are just letting go. Even Zumba and Shake It here have songs that you like and know and you are having so much fun you don’t even realize that you’re sweating. Letting go is a big thing with this class because I don’t want you to follow me all the time, I want you to branch out and do your own thing.

And when he says you will sweat, believe me you will. I have been going to this class every week for about the past month and it is always a different and fun experience. It will definitely get you out of your comfort zone, but don’t let that turn you away! I guarantee if you go once, you will be hooked. So grab your friends and come werk-it out.

The class takes place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00 PM in Dance Room 1 of the Union. To learn more, check out “Werk-It Xperience” on Facebook and Twitter.

Julie is a Senior at The Ohio State University pursuing degrees in Fashion and Retail and Business. A lover of all things fashion from a young age, she loves having the chance to write the style blog for the site as well as being the chapter's President. When she is not writing, she loves singing in Ohio State's Women's Glee Club, updating her style blog, and online shopping when she should be doing homework. After graduation, Julie hopes to become a celebrity stylist or work in the fashion department of a magazine. Visit thelookinthemirror.blogspot.com for more from Julie.
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