The Vault Is The Underrated Gem Of Downtown Columbus

This past Thursday, I attended a semi-formal hosted by my dorm, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Dressed in my semi-formal best, I boarded the shuttle bus, and we headed towards Downtown Columbus. I expected a forced fun atmosphere and maybe a punch bowl or two, but what I walked into was much, much better. 

Located on East Gay Street in the heart of Downtown Columbus, The Vault is the perfect place for your next formal event. Formerly Columbia Building & Loans in 1912 followed by Ohio Bell until 2002, this venue has a full size bank vault literally built into the back wall of the main reception area. 

The ceiling is draped with cloth that hangs down to a beautiful chandelier, that has been there since the the building was built. There is also an upstairs area where cocktail tables can be set up. 

This space is definitely the most unique venue I have ever been in, and being able to actually step inside the huge steel vault with the original door still intact was so cool. 

All photo creds: Jordyn Shoff

While a lot of weddings are held at The Vault, it is also a great place for any formal party or dance, and all of the pictures I took with friends while we were there had great lighting and backdrops! 

For more information and to book The Vault, click here!

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