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Treat Yourself or Your Partner By Visiting These Columbus Valentine’s Day Spots

No one argues about whether Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day of love, but unfortunately, the more meaningful elements of the day tend to be overshadowed by cheesy movies and cheap chocolates with fillings no one likes. Getting back to the basics with a day dedicated to getting out and spending time with the people you love (yourself included) should be more of a Valentine’s Day staple than roses.

Luckily, from coffee shops to plant-filled paradises, Columbus is home to no shortage of perfect date locations. Now, only one question remains: which one will you choose?

Columbus Museum of Art

Unfortunately, the day of love falls on a Monday this year, which also happens to be the one day of the week that the museum is closed. However, Columbus residents can still take advantage of the museum’s free Sunday admission by planning for a slightly earlier Valentine’s Day date.

Spend the Sunday morning before Valentine’s Day exploring the museum’s airy spaces and numerous exhibitions before moving on to coffee or breakfast.

The Woodbury

Never has such delicious food been so underrated.

Although walking into any restaurant or cafe on the day of love without a reservation is a disaster waiting to happen, The Woodbury is worth fighting for. Just a three-minute drive from the art museum, The Woodbury has some of the most unique culinary concoctions in Columbus. From the (highly recommended) French toast casserole to shrimp and grits tostadas, The Woodbury has something for everyone.

Just next to the restaurant is the Coffee Bar at The Woodbury, which is open every day with varying hours. For those looking for a caffeine hit instead of a full meal, this Valentine’s Day-worthy spot is worth the stop.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Who says Valentine’s Day flowers have to be in the form of a bouquet?

Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, tickets to this wonderland are worth the price tag. Although houseplants have and always will be trendy, the conservatory is a piece of paradise and will blow any houseplant collection out of the water. Especially in the winter months when the greenest thing city-dwellers may see is the occasional patch of grass, a trip to this slice of summer is sure to make Valentine’s Day that much better.

The Historic German Village Neighborhood

The German Village is indisputably the cutest area around Columbus, and one step along its brick-paved roads will induce the same thoughts in any visitor.

From Schmidt’s Sausage Haus to The Book Loft, Winan’s Chocolates and Coffees to the Hausfrau Haven wine shop, those looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day activities and goodies will find the location to be a one-stop-shop; not to mention, window-shopping along S. 3rd St. or strolling through Schiller Park will instill the V-Day spirit in even the least romantic of people.

Tess is a fourth-year at Ohio State. She is majoring in journalism with minors in English, history and political science.
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