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Tuscany was the next stop on the itinerary for Arie and the ladies, and their visit included taking in the breathtaking scenery and, of course, eating some authentic Italian food. With only six girls left, Arie went on three one-on-one dates and a three-on-one date, which meant he avoided a rose ceremony this week. After passing out his roses after successful dates, Arie is ready to take on four hometown dates next week.

*WARNING: This recap contains spoilers from Episode Seven*

1. Multiple One-on-One Dates With no rose ceremony this week, Arie decided to go on three one-on-one dates to evaluate his relationships with Becca K., Lauren B. and Sienne. Becca K. and Arie spent a day wandering the Tuscan countryside and after a romantic day, she was given a rose. The next date was filled with some brief confusion after Lauren B. told Arie she was falling for him. After revealing her feelings for Arie, he walked away briefly before returning and giving her a rose. Finally, after a day of truffle hunting with Sienne, Arie sent her home.

2. Jacqueline’s Doubts In Paris, Jacqueline expressed some of her worries to Arie about their future together. She wants to pursue a doctorate degree while Arie wants to continue his real estate career in Scottsdale. After watching the other girls go on dates with Arie, she went to talk to him in his hotel room. She decided to leave because she can’t see a future with Arie due to their different goals in life.

3. Sienne Goes Home Sienne is the next person to leave the competition although they spent an ideal day in the Tuscan countryside hunting for truffles for a large Italian family. Later in the date, she revealed to Arie that she isn’t able to open up to him enough, and he decided not to give her a rose. Throughout the competition, people have said that the Yale grad is too good for Arie, but she stuck around for a long time.

4. The Dreaded Three-on-One Date Kendall, Tia, and Bekah M. ended their stay in Tuscany with a three-on-one date with Arie. As usual, the date involved a lot of talking between Arie and the ladies so that he can determine where each relationship stands. He felt confident in Kendall and gives her the first rose, but after some drama between Bekah and Tia, he decided to hand out his final rose at dinner that night.

5. Tia versus Bekah M. During the three-on-one date, Tia expressed her concerns to Arie about Bekah M.’s readiness for marriage. She even tells Bekah upfront that she talked about her during her alone time with Arie. It’s too much for her though, and she goes crying to Arie who consoles her almost like she’s a toddler. At the end of the date, he gives his final rose to Tia because after all of the drama, she seemed more ready for a future with him.

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