Top 5 Bachelor Highlights: Episode 4

As usual, this week’s episode included some of the strangest group date activities yet, along with a shocking moment for Arie. Although the girls got a change of scenery for the week, that doesn’t mean they left the drama at the mansion. In case you missed last week’s episode, we’ve got all the highlights for you, from drinking pee on the group date to Krystal being…. Krystal.

*WARNING: This recap contains spoilers from episode 4*

1. Taking a trip to Lake Tahoe

This week the ladies got to escape the mansion and enjoy the scenery and nature of Lake Tahoe. This was the first of many trips for the ladies this season, and there wasn’t a shortage of date activities when they got there. Arie and the ladies enjoyed parasailing, hot tubbing, hiking and even eating bugs with a breath-taking backdrop.

2. Parasailing with Seinne​

Seinne got the first one-on-one date in Lake Tahoe, which started with parasailing on the famous lake. After an active day, they had dinner where the Yale grad discussed the lack of girls that looked like her in fairy tales and how she was always looking for examples of true love in her life. In true Bachelor fashion, the date ended with Seinne and Arie dancing to a live band that “happened” to be at the venue.

3. An interesting snack

A lesson from survivalists and a hike were on the schedule for the next group date. The group got in touch with their wild side when one of the survivalists had the girls snacking on bugs and drinking their own pee. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic date, but the girls were eager to impress Arie. The date ended with hot tubbing and more drama from Krystal, who seemed to be pretty salty that she had to share Arie with the others.

4. Bekah’s age

Bekah went on the second one-on-one with Arie, where she finally revealed her age to him. After shocking him with a 14 year age difference (she’s 22 and he’s 36), Arie started questioning if their relationship would really work in the long run. He was worried that they were in two different stages in life, but Bekah reassured him that everybody in her family has gotten married young, so she’s ready. Apparently, that’s all he needed to hear, and he gave her the one-on-one rose.

5. The Rose Ceremony interruption

After a week filled with crazy dates and drama, it was time for another rose ceremony. With Seinne and Bekah M. safe for the week with their one-on-one roses, they weren’t stressed when Chris Harrison told the group that Arie didn’t need to have a cocktail party before the ceremony. This ultimately led to Krystal interrupting Arie while he was handing out roses because she just had to make sure she knew where they stood. Krystal secured herself a rose that night, and Caroline and Brittany T. left empty-handed.

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