Tips For Destressing During Finals

Firstly, please do not bang your head.

The stress of finals has been building up this whole week. Every library feels is full of people getting in their last-minute cram sessions. The whole campus is full of tension but do not let the stress get to you. This is the time to pull out all the DIY  stuff you have learned over the years. My tips for destressing are simple.

Watch a movie. A funny or scary movie that is good enough to grab your full attention

Grab an equally stressed friend and go to the gym. The RPAC and all the other facilities should be open till around 9.


Go outside and take a walk. Okay, I know it is cold but at least draw up the blinds and watch the sunset.



Go to your favorite restaurant alone or with friends



Have a little dance party or pj party. No books allowed.

Take a little trip to Target. Walk around and just look at the beauty we call Target.


Take some time off to go through your playlist. Just enjoy the music and take your mind of things.

Rewatch the vine compilations on YouTube and laugh your butt off.

Just remember to take a breather and may we all pass our finals.

Hope you got my dad joke and have a happy holiday.