Time and Change Will Surely Show...the Latest Spring Hair Trend

It can be easy to forget, when talking about style, that one’s hair is included in that discussion. It’s not always about glitzy jewelry, chunky heels and a hot new jacket. However, hair is always in that awkward limbo category… should it be considered part of the ‘beauty’ or ‘style’ variety? And the answer, collegiettes, is that it’s both! The right hairstyle is imperative to pull your killer outfit off just right and the same is true for that bold lip and cat eye. Without your hair just right, you can have every other aspect of your look set to perfection and something will look ‘just a bit off.’ 

With the recent events of the Grammys, Brit Awards and Fashion Week, celebs and style icons are stepping out and displaying all of the hottest looks in fashion. Now is the time to pull out the notepads, ladies, and start jotting down notes as to what’s going to be hot this coming spring and beyond: shift blouses, orange lipsticks, tea-length skirts, pastel eyeshadow, bomber jackets, cat eyes, wide-leg trousers, natural-looking lips, pretty pastels. The list of hot fashion trends is lengthy for this spring, but hair is often overlooked and ignored. I mean, hair is hair, there’s not much you can do with it. Everything would be so much better if we all just cut it off, right?

Wrong! (Though if that’s the way you feel, there’s no time like the present to act on these urges of yours! Short, pixie cuts are in this spring. Just ask Jullianne Hough. And with predecessors like Anna Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence, we know there’re so many ways to style the look in both elegant and edgy ways.) 

A bit attached to your hair, but still on the hunt for a change this spring? Go for the bob! If you’re like me, you’ve been growing your hair out all winter to unleash a mountain of long, luxurious locks this summer and even thinking of cutting it is torture-inducing…but hear me out! Opting for a bob cut last year was probably the best idea I’ve ever had (in regards to hair care) and I’m such an advocate for a good chop every now and then…especially if your hair mirrors Rapunzel's! Just think of how much good you could create by donating all that excess to a worthy cause like Locks of Love! Rapunzel could do it and so can you! Plus, cutting off all that damaged hair means you get a fresh start and that’s what spring is all about!

The bob look varies in length, ranging from chin-length to falling near the collarbones. This means you can opt for a longer bob and still manage to style your hair in all the usual ways (meaning, if you’re me, applying some mousse, going about your day, and ruffling it with your fingers every now and then to induce some volume). Bobs are perfect for allowing you to style your hair with all the latest trends while still having a length that’s manageable. We all know the dreaded rule: the longer your hair, the longer it takes to manage and the more work necessary to keep it looking presentable. 

As mentioned, with a bob you can still take part in all the fun fashion trends without having to worry that your hair’s too short to pull it off or too long that you don’t have the time to dedicate to creating it. This spring, look out for fads like the low pony; blunt, straight-across bangs; an array of different braids; the just-stepped-out-of-the-shower wet look; a range from mermaid waves to sleek, straight styles, both styles sporting middle parts; and an array of accessories to spice up one’s look. Or you can pull a Jennifer Aniston and clip in a few extensions…but that sort of defeats the purpose of a bob, now doesn’t it…some people just can’t take change. But hey, some trends aren’t for everyone! The bob look wasn’t for Miss Aniston, but there are a handful of other celebs and fashion icons who are flocking to the look for this spring. Are you?


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