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The “It Girl” Aesthetic and Why It’s Overrated

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

If your for-you-page on TikTok was anything like mine at the beginning of the year, then you most likely saw the popular aesthetic of the “It Girl” trend.

This aesthetic can be described as the girl that is always put together in all aspects of life. She is the girl dressed in colors like black, white, beige or other earthy tones. She wakes up at 5 a.m. for a workout and then makes her breakfast of avocado toast or an açaí bowl with an oat milk latte on the side. She has all her work done before the workday ends, just in time to get sushi with her SO and be in bed by 8 p.m. after an extensive nighttime routine.

Some popular “It Girls” are Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and other social media influencers like Emma Chamberlain. Are you seeing a trend?

While this sounds like an amazing life that many wish to have, it isn’t so easily attainable. 

Before I came to that realization, I fell victim to the aesthetic. I would wake up at 7 a.m. for an hour-long workout and then make myself a nutritious breakfast. Then, I’d rush in the shower, using overly expensive products, and go straight to class and be out all day doing class work, walking back home to make another nutritious snack and going to work. After work consisted of (you guessed it) a healthy home-cooked dinner to then be asleep by 10 p.m..

As you can imagine, this didn’t last very long.

Keeping up with this lifestyle was equally as rewarding as it was tiring. So, instead of attempting to keep up with this lifestyle, I adopted aspects of it and came to revelations that could benefit everyone:

  1. Be active everyday, but don’t force it. A 10-minute exercise is better than nothing. 
  1. Complete the class assignments due that day, at least, but don’t overextend to feel productive. 
  1. Eat what makes you feel good! Moderation is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle, and ice cream is sometimes just a necessity.
  1. Keep in mind, most times, the girls we try to model ourselves after, are just that, models. They get paid to look good! If you break out, have oily hair and bloat, that’s normal! 
  1. Most importantly, everyone has days that aren’t the best. Don’t view this as a setback or something to stress about. Simply move on and think of the next day as a new start. 

Average college girls can’t afford to have that perfect, stress-free life. Usually, they don’t even have the time. That isn’t something to be ashamed of!

Instead of risking burnout, try focusing on what makes you feel good and happy. Remember, everyone has a different goal, life, body, mind, etc. Don’t punish yourself for not looking and living like those “It Girls”!

Hi! I’m Kennedy, and I’m a student who wants to write about what interests her!